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  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    @WarHead, a big part of the problem isn't the message per se, but the messaging.  If you're going to effectively kill WPF/SL then you better come out and say it and say why.  I literally had just downloaded the Mango SDK planning on doing some work for Mango, but after seeing this announcement, it might be just throwayway in every conceivable meaning of the word. 

    At this point the only thing MS has incentivized me to do is to look more close at ChromeBooks, since apparently Google Chrome store will be the place I can distribute apps I also build for Win8.  Or maybe that isn't the case -- but I have no idea because MS isn't giving me any information.

  • Scott Guthrie: Power To and For The People

    Whoa... I watched 20 minutes of this video earlier, closed the tab cause I had to do some work.  Came back, and it started me back up where I was at.  Nice!