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  • Robert Fripp - Behind the scenes at Windows Vista recording session

    I've always disable all sounds in Windows. Why? Because it's only fun the first time you hear the bloody sound. The worst of them all must be the start up noise !! *BAAANG BAAANG HERE WINDOWS STARTS UP BAAAANG WAKE UP THE NIEGHBOURHOOD*". Why does it have to be so loud? It should be "discreet" imo.

    Anyway, from what I heard in this videoclip, I didn't like this either. Sorry, it's just not my kind of tea. It's just plain too much "spacy" for my taste. And for Robert Fripp, I've never heard of him before, either. Not that any of you fanboys cares though Big Smile

  • Office for Mobile Devices team

    Looks good but I doubt the usefullness of having powerpoint in a pda. I mean com'n how many people are going to enjoy that presentation on a small screen like that? Sure, if the presentation is made for just one user, it's swell and all.

    At any rate, my next phone is going to be a Windows Mobile 2005 I reckon. IF the prices on the hardware comes down to a more "reachable" level Big Smile

    A tip to who's holding the camera. Try to not say "ok" every time someone says something. It sounds like you're stressed to me. Smiley

  • Tim Sneath - Inside Windows Vista Printing

    Andrew Webber FX wrote:
    LarryOsterman wrote:
    Andrew Webber FX wrote: I've never been so excited about someone talking about printing
    PS: love the line "so buying windows vista will make your printing better". how many product teams can say that without asking developers to use a new API

    /me raises hand

    It's interesting.  The thing that surprises me is that there's no XPS logo program.

    So I'm in CompUSA looking at a wall full of printers.  Some of them will print unbelievably cool documents because they support XPS natively.  Others don't do nearly as well because they don't support XPS.

    But I (the customer) have absolutely no way of differentiating between the two printers, because there's no logo program.

    That seems "surprising" to me.

    I have to completly agree, i mean imagine going out to buy a new TV for my xbox360 and feeling gutted when my new $1000 purchase doesnt support HD

    Wow, you can get a HD screen for $1000 ? That's like way cheap. Well I suppose it depends on what size we're talking about. But over here prices are A LOT higher. I suppose you can thank the masses of buyers in the states for those nice pricetags. Too bad it won't color off here anytime soon though Wink
  • Carolyn Napier and Tyler Robinson (MSI team) - Installing apps in Windows Vista

    Stefan Krueger wrote:

    * Typical situation: When I double click a PDF file Adobe Reader tells me that an update is available. But at that very moment I want to read the document, not install an update, so I decline the update.

    I so totally agree with that. I just hate using Adobe reader for that reason. They seem to ship updates every week (more or less) Tongue Out

    Seriously, a central way of updating ALL your applications (regardless if there were written by Microsoft or not) would be a dream come true. Especially for us IT-administrators. It's not too fun to browse the web all over just to see if there's an update available or not. I'm not saying that it's Microsofts responsiblity to notify the users of thirdparty updates, but it sure would be cool if someone took the first step and made it all easier somehow. So why not the one with the core?Big Smile
  • J.P. Stewart - A new hobby: putting Windows XP in your car

    That's really cool. You know I've got a friend up here in Scandinavia (Sweden, that's north Europe boys 'n girls) who is really a fun guy to hang out with. He has his whole car just filled up with cool integration. I took a video shot of his project this summer. It's in swedish but don't let the language scare you off. I'm opening the hatches and showing his monitor and computer and well.. have a look Big Smile

    The movie is located at:

    I will add more content to this site later on at:

    He has changed his setup just recently and I will update my site with some new pictures and videos as I get a chance to. Big Smile

  • Rob Franco and team - IE 7 Security

    I would like to know if the final version of IE7 will have the toolbars locked or not. As in not giving the end user any way to move around the address toolbar or the buttons where you want them. I read somewhere on Channel9 that it will not be possible to move this around because that would make it easy to trick the end user or something.. Sorry i'm not very informative. I'm just not sure on this topic. Anyone with insight? Appreciated Big Smile
  • Dr. Neil Roodyn - Fooling around in Scoble's office

    I really enjoyed this video. I can't wait to see what he will be able to contribute with. Go doc! Smiley