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Software developer with Red Gate working on the Nomad for Visual Studio service.


  • Building Mobile Applications using HTML5 with Nomad for Visual Studio

    Sure, if you have any issues then send them to - we are pretty quick at answering Smiley


  • Mark Russinovich and David Solomon: Windows Internals 5 Released

    Interesting post, very good watch. Pity we didn't get to see Alex Ionescou on camera as well. I recommend everyone take some time and read about ReactOS or maybe download a build of it. Alex has made some pretty massive contributions to that project which may explain why David has hired this early-20's dev to lecture MS people on the internals of Windows.

  • Channel 9 on Mars: Inside the Mars Exploration Mission - Past, Present and Future

    Had this one bookmarked to watch for a while Charles, great video, very interesting.
  • Jane Kim: From Inventing To Implementing IE Features

    Yeah, I guessed you weren't having a dig at Netscape, maybe just could have been worded better, or else I need to watch it again in case I misheard.

    I haven't installed IE8 but hopefully all the work they have done on standards will make the web better for everyone. Webslices does sound like a fantastic feature.

    Maybe the C9 team could even implement a webslice for individual forums posts? Sounds like an ideal application of the technology to me.

  • Jane Kim: From Inventing To Implementing IE Features

    Just watching video now, 1 comment from Charles around 12 mins in went something like

    "things worked in IE but didn't work in Netscape, isn't that cos you guys always innovated HTML and the platform"

    I think that is a little disingenious to the Netscape guys, 1 reason that it also may have worked so well on IE and not other platforms was because IE didn't stick to strict standards and in doing so hurt how well other platforms could render stuff that had been developed with IE primarily in mind.

    Interesting discussion so far though, going to watch rest of it now, also enjoyed discussion around programming in Secondary schools and the Logo program (That is the the name of the turtle thing in UK/Ireland)
  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated...

    Minh wrote:

    There are 2 page requests, but what you're not getting is that the 1st page request is MUCH smaller that the 1 request of the current site.

    But aren't you ignoring that the fact that to complete two requests may take longer than 1 large request when you begin to include latency issues?

    This isn't a critcism of the design, I quite like it, but I have always felt that the perceived speed of Channel 8 has always been slower than Channel9.

    However, the many advantages of the new C9 outweigh any potential speed issues that the new site might have when it is launched.


    P.S. Congrats on the new design by the way, it is a massive improvement, can't wait until it launches.

    Do you have any plans to do more of those Dev Diary videos, they were good.

  • Ori Amiga: Programming the Mesh

    The first half hour of the video was interesting and Ori is a good speaker who seems really enthused about his work.

    The last 20 mins of demo time was really amazing, I think this opens up tonnes of opportunities as a developer but as an end-user I can think of even more real world get it going today right now kinda scenarious. Move over skydrive and get Mesh out there as quickly as possible.

  • Ted Neward: On Java and .NET, Software Academics versus Practioners, General Purpose Programming Languages

    Really good video. Didn't agree with everything he said but good watch, and for the record, not all CS graduates want to forget about their compiler classes as soon as they leave college, it is the most interesting module I have taken to date.
  • Brian Beckman: Project Quark - A New Beginning for Quantum Computing Rises from the Ashes of Theoret

    Yeah, the 30 minutes was an achievement, but I must admit this stretched my April Fool's good humour to the limit, 30 minutes of listening to the WMA and then it is an April Fool's. Funny, which is why I didn't do the first post warning others it was an April Fool's, but just a little too long and too much time wasted for comfort...

  • Ted Kummert, S. Somasegar (Soma), Bill Laing: On Trifecta Launching and Working Together - Enter SQL

    I didn't actually have time to watch the video so I grabbed the WMA and just listened to it. I thought it was a great interview, all three were very interesting to listen to and Charles' questions led the conversation as exactly the right pace. It wasn't technical but you could guess that from the title and the people involved.

    Great interview, Soma as always was good to listen to, he just seems so passionate about what he does.

  • Bill Gates: Backstage at the Office Developer Conference

    PerfectPhase wrote:
    Is it just me or did anyone see the video thumbnail and think BillG interviewed by Tarantino?    

    Good stuff, I thought I was the only one and didn't want to say it!
  • Bill Gates: Backstage at the Office Developer Conference

    Yeah, definitely liking this new influx of videos.

    Now if only they would post a (provisional even!) schedule in advance so that we could post questions that we think Dan should ask whoever he is interviewing....

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