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Kevin Boyle KevinB
  • Conversation Windows Mobile (any windows mobile user)

    Except this is still one of the problems with WinMo. A task manager, finger friendly or not, shouldn't exactly be on a phone. Maybe a nice add-on or whatever, but to ship one? What does that say about the quality of software on the device that you are ever going to need one....

  • Conversation Windows Mobile (any windows mobile user)

    blowdart said:

    Oh yes, because creating custom icons makes up for the fact that the WM interface still needs a stylus to function properly in a lot of cases. Yea. Great.

    WM6.5 actually looks quite good. I am going to use it before I make up my mind and I don't think it is going to be up to the iPhone but it certainly seems to be an improvement. The Honeycomb app launch thing is long, long overdue.


    My iPhone 2G is starting to get a bit long in the tooth so I am going to upgrade at the end of the summer. At the minute it is between


    - Pre

    - HTC Hero with that Sense UI that looks cool

    - iPhone 3GS


    WM still isn't something that I would be willing to spend money on. Maybe 6.5 will change that but I doubt it...

  • Measure .Net object size

    Do you know what the T you are going to be storing in your List<T> is. Can an object of Type T be of variable size or is it fixed?

  • Mono on iPhone

    Turbodad said:

    You may think it is great to be able to use Mono for iPhone development, but I think it is completely backwards. A non-native toolset will always lag behind (hint: Mono vs. .NET, Moonlight vs. Silverlight). If you can't be bothered to learn Objective-C, a very simple and elegant language; Cocoa Touch, which, as far as frameworks go, is much nicer than .NET; and Interface Builder, which is leaps ahead of Microsoft's way of designing UIs (just IMHO), you are bound to produce crappy bloated apps no one wants to use. Sure, it is interesting--as a proof of concept and a curiousity, but no more than that. Just because you can use C# and Mono to program iPhone, doesn't mean you should.

    I disagree. It depends on the application IMO.

    Take for example the C9 iPhone app that is being discussed at the minute in another thread. To do that, the person had to go and learn Obj-C, if you could do it in C#, it would look every bit as good as it is only using a few standard controls and wouldn't have required new learning.

    Now, I am not saying that if you are serious about iPhone dev that you shouldn't learn Obj-C and Cocoa etc, but for quick apps, things like the tip calculater for example, it seems ideal.

  • Mono on iPhone


    Thought some of you might be interested in this post over on Miguel de Icaza's blog about Mono running on non-Jailbroken iPhones. I think this sounds like a really great way to get started developing on the phone, and hopefully without needing to invest the money in a Mac or the time in Obj-C.


  • Windows 7: Media Play Bug: Repro?

    littleguru said:
    KevinB said:

    I stopped using Winamp because of the direction it too when it was taken over by AOL.

    Yeah, pretty much since Justin Frankel left the company development has been 0. That may sound unfair to the dev's that are still working on the software, but in all honesty, not 1 feature has been added that benefits me personally.

    And the installer has become a massive headache as you have to deselect all the stuff AOL tries to install.

    That said, I sitll haven't found a better music player...

  • Who wants to change the world?

    Sven Groot said:
    AndyC said:

    Seconded. It's easily the least readable formatting style in existence.

    Yeah, I've actually never seen it with C# but all Java source that I look at is riddled with it Sad

  • Windows 7: Media Play Bug: Repro?

    Sven Groot said:
    Koogle said:

    I'd like to know your recommendation as well. I use Media Player Classic and occasionally VLC for playing videos, but for playing music I haven't found anything better than WMP.

    I'm the other way around I'm afriad Sven, I use WMP for video, or VLC in the rare case that FFDShow-Tryouts can't play back a particular file, and WinAmp for audio. I just haven't found any other player that has as good a library feature as Winamp

  • Windows 7 RC - sysedit refuses changes

    Wookie said:
    DCMonkey said:

    This new generation has me worried!!! If I don't write a swapfile key like say maybe this one ---> ConservativeSwapFileUsage=1 under 386enh in sys.ini then how else am I gonna keep more of the kernel in RAM ?? Superfetch you say?? That may well be, but I am from the old school where we learned everything ourselves and didn't go to a $50K a yr. college to learn it. I like TRIED and TRUE methods.You do know what 386 enhanced is right? The [386Enh] section of the SYSTEM.INI file contains information specific to running Windows in 386-enhanced mode, including information used for virtual-memory page swapping. As far as you wondering about my machine DCMonkey, I triple boot XP Professional SP3 (32 Bit), Windows 7 Ultimate RC (32 bit), and Server 2008 Standard SP2 (64 bit).


    I find it hard to believe that the kernel is still honouring these settings, and a quick google search for that Virtual Memory one you call it suggests that I am right.

    Have you any evidence that these swtiches are still processed by the kernel?

  • Windows 7: Media Play Bug: Repro?

    Will test this on a Winodws 7 build later tonight. In the meantime, can you check if wmplayer.exe has actually dissappeared from Task Manager or Process Explorer. Maybe the process is still active and so receives the message, which it then doesn't know what to do with. Will check this myself later.


    Koogle, what do you recommend instead of WMP?