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  • Alan Cooper - Questions after his keynote

    scobleizer wrote:

    Did you know you wanted an iPod before you saw it?

    No, I didn't.

    Do I want an iPod now - no, I don't.
  • Chris Muench - writing managed 3D app for mobile devices

    Again with the many videos in the short time period - you made me write a download manager in C#!

    No, I'm not going to use some Commercial, ad ridden s*** off
  • Vijay Rajagopalan - SAP converts to Visual Studio 2005

    Zeo wrote:

    When it rains it pours. I don't have the time right now, but I'll save these videos and the ones that will envitablitly be released later this week to watch this weeked.

    Oh, sorry Zeo! Forgot you liked to get the top spot. Cool
  • Vijay Rajagopalan - SAP converts to Visual Studio 2005

    Wow Channel 9! I figure that's 3 videos in at least as many hours!

    Good job.
  • Alan Cooper - Questions after his keynote

    ohgood wrote:
    Users should never see the code, or _others_ should never see the code ?

    Hasn't anyone learned that exposing things to other people is a great way to get perspective ? It almost seems as though the subject's view is that the coder is above all inputs, and cannot be wrong. I'll agree that users have their place, as do marketers, executives, etc, but exposing code to more eyes can ONLY make it better.

    Are you saying that all software should be Open Source or that other people should have input into the development process?
  • Alan Cooper - Questions after his keynote

    I'm assuming this guy uses an Operating System?

    Did he build that Operating System? (I doubt it, there are very few people who will go to the effort to build a custom operating system.)

    Therefore, he is a user, am I not correct?

    So his analogy therefore implies that he is a five year old kid, as far as using this Operating System is concerned, correct?

    So... what would his take be on this - does he believe that he should have any input in the building of this Operating System?

    This post is an open question, not meant to imply anything.

  • IE 7: What's new in Beta 2 Preview

    I don't like it. Specifically the inability to have NO tabs open at once, and the toolbar WITH the tabs is really ugly, especially if you're like me and have five or ten tabs open at once on a 1024x768 Laptop screen. The favourites are clumsy and should be more central in the UI. The final problem is not one with the application itself, but all my saved passwords, bookmarks, settings in Firefox would take an unnecessarily long time to port. It is also irritating to have the Back/Forward and Address bar compulsorily situated at the TOP of the screen.

    I think every problem I've mentioned above (except the Firefox settings) could be fixed through a more flexible UI - even with Toolbars unlocked, the HOME/FEEDS/PRINT etc toolbar will NOT move above the Tabs band and I cannot put the classic menu above the menu bar.

    Unless I see some major improvements, the first thing I'm installing on Vista is Firefox.

  • Manuel Clement - Sparkle CTP Released (er, Expression Interactive Designer)

    It's unforetunate that when using a non-default theme such as Royale XAML controls default to the 'Windows Classic' theme.
  • MIX it up at MIX06 - Live in Las Vegas

    I wish I could go too, but it's a long way. Airfares are forbidding from here, and I would probably need to take my parents and sister if we were going to America.
  • Looking at Web Services with Visual Studio 2005

    One question: What the?
  • Cleartype Team - Typography in Windows Vista

    As well as the names, the pictures confirmed it. I set my default font in office to Calibri, naturally. Pity its Office XP. Oh well, the way I'm going at the moment, I'll probably be accepted into the beta program any time soon... One can only hope...

    So can two.
  • Cleartype Team - Typography in Windows Vista

    Freaky. I actually watched an hour of footage on fonts - and enjoyed it. I'm changing my view: we need better video compression. Big Smile

    Very Late Edit: I just realised I have all those fonts. Where on earth did I get them from I wonder? Anyone know why on Earth I have Calibri, Consolas, Cambria, Candara, Constantia and Corbel.

    I set the default font for Visual Studio to Consolas. It looks good. Much easier on the eyes than Courier New.

    PS: Why do they all start with C?

    Edit 2: Don't worry, I think they came with the Windows SDK.

    Don't worry if my postings a bit eratic, I'm excited. 5th star on Visual Basic on MSDN Connections! Calibri and Consolas! Progressing very much in learning C#. Life is good!!!
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