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  • Windows Phone Application Life Cycle

    First of all I'm sorry if I misbehaved last night, but I was really angry! Again I AM really sorry and thank you for your kind response.

    But dear Yochay, what I really wanted to say was that you could be the idea-generator guy behind the scenes and you could let someone else from the C9 team make this video with your help!

    I know this video and your valuable efforts here are better than having no video with this subject but I'm sure this topic was so important that you could've convinced someone else to help you, make a better video!

    We better not forget that doing the job in this has also another awful side! and that was you and this video took the chance from anyone else making another video in this field on C9 ever again! so you have also done something negative...

    Anyway, I wish you could have improved this video in any possible way, you and all other C9 managers know! 'cause I believe you're the right guy behind the scenes, 'cause you've got the brain with best ideas (I've seen many of your interviews) and there are many great hosts and presenters in the C9 team.

    I wish right people could take right places.

    Again, I'm sorry with my language 'cause I didn't wanted to hurt you or say anything bad to you dear Yochay.

    I love you and all the C9ers!

    Good luck

  • Windows Phone Application Life Cycle

    I was super excited about this video but that was made by three people that just COULDN'T correctly speak English!!!  Crying

    It's damn sad! Crying I never could and still can't understand this Mr. Yochay Kiriaty words and he was the host of this important session! Crying

    PLEASE don't make any more video Yochay! you may have great ideas but the performing side of you badly SUCKS! Crying