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  • Compiler Confidential

    a hint for the guy that is making the montage : when the speaker is changing the slides SHOW THE SLIDES, I know you think you are an artists but this is a programmers talk I need to see the slides in order to understand what he is talking about, I don't need to see him in order to understand what he is talking about.

  • GoingNative 18: Inside Vector Calling Convention (VCC)

    @CharlesFu001:Thanks for the answer.

  • GoingNative 18: Inside Vector Calling Convention (VCC)

    How is this interacting with the "__forceinline" directive ?

    How do you return from such a function(registers/stack) ?

    Can we mix types as inputs/outputs ?

    [ex :  "_m128 func(__m256,__m256,_m128,int,int);" ]


  • Variadic Templates are Funadic

    Andrei write a god-damn book.

  • Interactive Panel: Ask Us Anything!

    -Charles and Microsoft, sincerely THANK-YOU , you brought all my heroes at one talk in one room this GoingNative is the best thing that happened to c++ in a long time.

    -Also open-source c++ code analyzer, best tech-news on this year.

  • C9 Lectures: Mahmoud Saleh - Advanced CRT, 2 of 2

    -Thanks Mahmoud,great video !

    -I would like to see a more in depth talk about the floating-point operations especially about the differences between code compiled for IA-32 and AMD64 on Windows.

    -Why is the x87's "fsincos" directive not exposed in Visual C++ ?

    -What happens if I invoke fxxx(x87 directives) trough assembler on AMD64 architectures under Windows ?

    -Hey Charles, get more people like this dude on camera Smiley also great job.

  • Introduction to DirectX for Metro style apps

    Dear mr. Kam VedBrat take some public-speaker lessons or look at the talks presented by Herb Sutter, your presentation was boring and it leaked any useful information, we are PROGRAMMERS we don't give a hoot on marketing materials or on pretty pictures we want to see code, well explained code, we have to see performance comparisons we want to see how to use the new API and how to use it well.


  • Using the Windows Runtime from C++

    Will I have the classic win32 in Windows 8 ?

    Is the performance for Direct3D application better or worse using Metro v.s. win32, does this relation remains valid in windowed mode v.s. full-screen mode ?

    Is the Metro interface available for other Windows versions like Vista,7 or Xp, or do I have to write many versions of the same application ?


  • C++ and Beyond 2011: Herb Sutter - Why C++?

    I find c# to be a nice little interesting language, I like reflection and delegates, I hate garbage collection, lake of near machine options a.k.a. real pointers, ability to set things in memory as I want, ASM, SSE or other vector extensions, I also hate it's lake of expressiveness(I can only program in an oop manner, no flow-programming,no component based programing,badly designed model for templates and more), but I could live with all of this if it wouldn't be this slow.

    I find C++ a good language, it is very expressive, most compilers generate fast code for most CPUs but it has a stiff learning curve and it has some weird syntax sometimes ( type Object::*Name or return_type Object::*FunctionName(type var2,type var3)) and lets not forget template errors(you get a Sherlock-Holmes vibe after a few years) and because of multiple-inheritance compilers have a hard time generating really really fast code and I also don't get any reflection or any delegates or an unified dynamic library system, but for most of the problems I get a workaround, so I find C++ as the language if you want to do any fast, portable, reliable work.

  • C++ and Beyond 2011: Herb Sutter - Why C++?

    Telling us how great is C++ is nice and all, and I would really like to thank Channel9 and especially Charles for taking an interest in the native zone and for starting the Renaissance campaign, but what would be really great is if we could see the more technical talks at "C++ and Beyond", what I'm trying to say is that pep-talks are nice but knowledge is better.



  • C++ and Beyond 2011: Sean Gibb - C++ and Hardware, C++11, C++ Renaissance

    Hey Sean how about making public that "c++ standard for performance on embedded hardware", it would be a valuable document on forcing c++ in other companies.