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  • Constanze Roman - Writing ​documentati​on for mobile devices


    You video was very insightful and I just have a few questions for you.

    What is a typical day like for a technical writer at Microsoft?

    What do you enjoy the most about your work and how do others view the documentation department in your team?

    What are the essential qualities that MS looks for in a technical writer?


  • Zoe Goldring and Gretchen Ledgard - What is it like to interview at Microsoft?

    Wow, so you're also flying up to Redmond for the Interview? I heard there are about 20 positions currently open in this field.
    I'm also a Technical Writer and I will be visiting the campus by the end of this month. I was doing some research in this blog...very insightful.
    Have you seen any channel 9 videos specifically related to technical writers? What there work day is like and what kind of interview process they go through?
    That would be very insightful. Good luck to you!