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Klaus Enevoldsen Klaus Enevoldsen Development has never been easier nor more ​complicated.​..
  • What happen to Visual Studio 2005 August CTP?


    What happened to the August CTP of Visual Studio 2005, will it be made public via MSDN Subscription Download?

    I'm would like to get rid of a few bugs in July CTP and hope that there will be a public CTP avaliable before RTM...

    Thanks Klaus Enevoldsen

  • Would you like to see a Visual Studio Beta 3?


    Microsoft replied that they could not reproduce the bugs in the same build that I am using (July 2005 CTP)


  • Would you like to see a Visual Studio Beta 3?

    We are developing a smart client solution in VS2005, we started out in VS2003 and when beta 2 came out we switched. Taking advantage of generics, ClickOnce deployment and TableLayoutPanel (great features, what did we do before?).

    Recently we changed to July CTP and it is much more stable than beta 2, but it is still full of bugs, I've reported a few, but they get closed as Not reproduced. My problem is I don't have time to produce an example to reproduce the bug, and I don't want to share our solution with the whole world Smiley

    The bugs I have reported is reproduced on our 3 machines so it's not just me fooling around, the bugs are there... I feel that Microsoft better find them and correct them - it is their program and their responsibility to deliver bug-free programs. I appreciate that we get to try the betas and CTPs before they are released.

    Previously we have not seen many patches for Visual Studio 2002+2003, I think that this will change for 2005. Too many bugs/suggestions get postponed to Ocas.

    I fell that the framework has been ready for some time and it is very stable. But Visual Studio does some strange things some times...

  • Visual Studio 2005 July CTP - when?

    Hi Folks

    I've noticed that http://channel9.msdn.com/ctpmadness/Default.aspx mentions a July CTP of Visual Studio 2005.

    I have spent some evenings testing June CTP and I was just about to switch from Beta 2 to June CTP. But now there is a July CTP on its way, maybe I should wait. The bugs I have reported in Beta 2 seams to be gone with June CTP and it seams more stable that Beta 2, I have not had a crash with June CTP yet, and Beta 2 crashes 3-4 times a day and requires reboot of the machine because of extreme memory use at least once a day.

    Does anyone known when July CTP will be available?


    Klaus Enevoldsen

  • DataGrid​View, ComboBox and ​Generics.​ArrayList(Of MyObject1)

    After hours of studying the problem, I found the solution. Apparently for databinding to be able to add new rows to the data grid view, the data source has to implement the interface IBindableList. List(Of T) does not implement IBindableList. But I found the class System.ComponentModel.BindingList(Of T) and it just works... Great!

    I still haven't found a solution for problem 2)...

  • DataGrid​View, ComboBox and ​Generics.​ArrayList(Of MyObject1)


    I'm pressing arrow down when on the last line of the grid, but nothing happens. I wonder if there is an interface or something that I have to implement.

    I'll try to fiddle with the different settings and see what happens.

    Thanks for your reply...


  • DataGrid​View, ComboBox and ​Generics.​ArrayList(Of MyObject1)

    I have a DataGridView that data binds to an ArrayList (Generics of MyClass1). I have added colums and the objects that already are in the ArrayList are shown just fine.

    Problem 1) I cannot seem to add new rows to the grid. There is proberbly som event I have to respond to or something...

    I also want a ComboBox to show the same data as the DataGridView (to select a default object from the list of objects).

    Problem 2) But when the selected item of the Grid is changed it also changes the selected item in the ComboBox...

    Thanks in advance...

  • Release date for Visual Studio 2005

    This is good news:


  • OOP and VB.NET?

    Thank you for your replies.

    I guess I'll just have to live with it Smiley

  • OOP and VB.NET?

    Hello guys

    I have a problem with VB.NET. I get a "specific cast not valid" run-time exception.

    Public Class Main
    Class A


       Public Class B
          Inherits A

       End Class

       Public Sub New()
          Dim TestA As New A
          Dim TestB as B = CType(TestA, B) ' Exception here

       End Sub
    End Class

    I understand why I get the exception but is there anyway to cast the A instance to a instance of B. I tried to create a new ctor on the B class, trying to set MyBase = TestA... But that does not work. Any ideas?

    Thanks Klaus (Denmark)