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  • This week on C9: Get paid for open source, Azure for dating, debugging and naming lore

    lol the CIA pickup, very sneaky Big Smile .. I wonder how many here will try it out.

  • Ping 16: MS kills Money, Browser for the Better, free anti-virus, Hulu on Media Center

    I actually tried out MS Money last year and it would have been pretty good to use if it weren't for the fact that it couldn't get updates from my UK  bank (flippin useless barclays).. so yeah shame 

    anyway this show can't just have 3 viewers  doh- it is a good show, though I have missed a few ep's.. when did the new guy Paul join?

    & dm1608 - chillout.. it was funny in an embarassing for Laura kinda way


  • Cannon PI - Introduction

    lol some pretty funny stuff going on, not at all what I was expecting..  looks so cheasy it might actually be a pretty good series Big Smile

  • Jeff Sandquist: Channel 9 Through the Years

    5years! well congratulations guys, its good to see c9 has kept true to its original vision...   and I have to say c9 has been a good bar to come to for general MS product discussion and errm vented feedback Smiley ...and its also good to see abit of that old video style you did for the start of the vid(office drop in style)  Smiley
  • Stefan Is… researching the art (or is it Science?) of Search

    I'm not satisified with any of MS sh/ty search features.. none of them.. they are all crap one way or another..! won't even say what i think of the hotmail webmail searching/ui..   somewhere along the line in your development/research of search features there is a LARGE amount of FAIL! going on... probably doesn't help that you aim target these features for noobs and get noob research/feedback from it, cus they're obviously ain't giving you guys enough flak about how utterly crap these search features are,  you guys plainly suck at doing any of it right (bit like any of the teams workin on product with the word Explorer in the title!)  specially in the UI design and allowing users to make more advanced queries quickly and easily, let alone filtering those results.
  • This Week on C9: New SDKs, Silverlight 3, Web utilities and cool Show Off Projects

    hmm I liked the previous download video layout/location
  • This Week on C9: TechFest, Windows 7, Dev Tools, and WPF in Visual Studio 2010

    lol @ off topic, root access/redirected conversations. And what about these Jennifer Aniston rumous Brian Smiley

    good show guys.
  • Anatomy of a Silverlight Game

    my first flash game was a breakout clone.. but not as fully featured as this one, I like the coin/skills element.

  • IE8: Web Slices

    Aside from the last comment I made about these webslices, I really do think they should be have been built detached from the IE8 browser shell. A webslice is a great idea why confine it to only being usable while running IE8, and on a toolbar -so limiting. If webslices could be more like a desktop gadget, if you could have a mini toolbar of just webslices that you could pin at the top of the screen(in between than usually empty titlebar area) etc... above other applications, then they'd be accessible all the time, plus if you followed a link from a webslices etc it could be redirected to *cough* something other than the IE8 browser shell.

    And I don't like the IE8 editor, go notepad++ redirect thx :/

  • Ping: Episode 1

     I'm just gonna quote Minh, as I was literally gonna say the exact same things having just watched this first episode... plenty of buzz in the show, and I think its fine being shown on c9 -bit of variety..  only thing to add is that I think you need a better studio background/setup... that red lighting on the curtain just looks similar to c9 weekly doesn't go with the whole green 'ping', black bg style imo Smiley

    "No MTV-cut transitions, please. I think you two provide enough energy that you don't need that gimmick. Plus, those transitions are annoying!
    Max, lose the sticks! I found myself dodging them for the safety of my eyes! And quit picking on Laura Smiley

    Bottom line, more Ping!

    Oh, BTW, "ping" means this in the following order: 1) IM   2) Text msg   3) e-mail"
  • This Week on C9: jQuery, Win Mobile, Warcraft AddOn tools, and an Automed Bartender

    WoW - without addons.. I would never have gotten sucked into that game if it wasn't for the addons Smiley
  • The History of Microsoft - 1975

    "My favorite part of the interview is when Bill's bragging about how he reduced the number of bytes for the loader that Paul had built"  lol..yeah that bit with Bill bringing that up made my chuckle too Big Smile