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  • OSIsoft: Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics - The Power of PI, The Demo

    Their rtWebParts for SharePoint are VERY cool as well. Real time system monitoring for the web.
  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    Has anyone bought one of these yet?

    I'm considering the Samsung Q1, but I hesitate because no uPC I've seen has a PC Card slot. I want to be online everywhere I go, so I have a Sprint mobile broadband PCMCIA card. A uPC seems ideal for all the travel I do, but if I can't be online, it becomes useless.

    Other than the online issue, does anyone have any feedback on how useful these things are?
  • Geeking Out in Barcelona

    serishema wrote:
    It's never about her (or me) as a person and i find it offensive.

    Whoa, guys just cannot win. Some women complain that we're just after good looks: "Why can't they like us for our minds?"  Now you don't want us being attracted to your minds either. It's ALL about you as a person - a techy geeky person!

    serishema wrote:
    We are just like you, we enjoy the challenge of solving problems and thinking in code just like you. A new CTP makes me hyper.

    And that's what is so attractive! Being able to share our passions (for tech, etc) is, and should be, the very first thing that brings people together.

    If you're going to say that you want to be treated like any guy, come on, tell me you haven't been attracted to some geek guy because of his geekiness. It's human nature.

    serishema wrote:
    i'd just like to be related to on the same level as a fellow programmer

    Again, that is what is so great about geek chicks (your word) -- being able to relate so completely, unlike "other" women who just don't get it.

    Now, tell me you're also a Trekkie, and you'll REALLY have a problem on your hands!
  • Sean Alexander (and others) - Windows Vista Sidebar and Gadgets

    jezizkryst people.
    I was running a sidebar "gadget" thing with PC Tools on my old Windows 3.1 boxes in 1994.

    WTF does it matter who thought it up first?  If it works, is useful, and runs on the platform I want, I'm grateful.
  • Kids Programming Language

    I have taught two ten session "intro to programming" classes to middle schoolers using the KPL. The third starts in a few weeks.
    Kids do really love it. The class picks up on concepts and constructs quickly. They get rapid gratification from their work. The sample apps are actually useful.
    I highly recommend looking closer at the KPL if you have children who have an interest in coding, at home or at a school.
  • Channel 9 Team - Welcome to our new design

    Just to let everyone know:  This is the 499th video on Channel 9!
    The next one is the big five-oh-oh.

    This is counting the 15 non-downloadable ones. The Videos forum shows 521 threads, but before the new site version, there were 480 downloadable vids, 15 non-downloadable ones, and today there are 4 new ones. I can't account for the discrepency, but I've been keeping track since almost the beginning.

    Big Smile
  • Ken Levy, XML Tools in VS 2005

    Analise wrote:
    I'm downloading the wmv file and it says 1,46GB is this correct ?!

    This surely puts us onto our fourth DVD collection!
  • Stephen Toulouse - Tour around Microsoft's Security Response Center

    Thanks, Scoble. I didn't want to be greedy and ask for two for the same house, not that mine is here yet. I've sent 2 postcards and two emails and the 9guy still doesn't want to come to Philly. At first I thought maybe he had a bad experience here before and doesn't want to come, but now I'm beginning to suspect my mailman. Wink

    She's excited to get one and will send a card on Monday.

    Anyway, I meant to say earlier that this is the best kind of video - visiting an entire team, walking the halls, meeting everyone. Keep these coming!

    Request: The hardware teams. MS keyboard and mouse.
    Which makes me think, where did the wireless broadband team go? I hope they were absorbed into other departments.
  • Stephen Toulouse - Tour around Microsoft's Security Response Center

    dnrfan wrote:

    Microsoft are extremely slow to release fixes/patches after being alerted to serious flaws.  Why is this?

    Extremely slow compared to what?

    I saw one vulnerability on that eeye site that was several months "overdue", and they listed only one other outstanding.

    Where do they get off claiming that 30 days is a standard time to expect a fix? They have no idea how long a fix could take. The problem could be really deep, or require extensive regression testing to prevent other problems created by the one "fix".

    So, it comes back to the old question: Speed, Cost, Reliability. Pick two.

    MS has made tremendous strides in being responsive to security concerns. No code is perfect, and they're doing a good job of patching the holes, in a reasonable time.

    BTW - another great vid, guys. My 12 year old is starting to get into C9. Loves the vids and wishes she could have a 9guy. Wink
  • Daniel Lehenbauer - Demo of Avalon 3D

    I haven't been this excited for a new technology in a long time. Kudos to MS for not making us wait till Longhorn.
    Great vid, as always.
  • “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Microsoft” Eric Rudder picks up Lenn

    What is that thing that flips by the back window at 3:18?