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KosherCoder KosherCoder
  • I am an Alchoholic

    odujosh wrote:
    Have you tried this it is very good

    Not cool.
    Not funny.

    Not cool at all.

  • I am an Alchoholic

    Niner in hiding wrote:
    Just wanted to let everyone know that I am on day 39 of being booze free and I feel great.

    Fantastic! You are a stronger person that you thought!
    I am certain, without even knowing you, that the people who care about you notice a positive difference too.

    To what do you owe your success?  Support from family/friends? Any new activities?

    For me, it was keeping a journal. Whenever those inevitable moments (more like entire evenings) of weakness came, reading my thoughts from "stronger" times really helped.

    What is working for you?

  • Prefer the lights on or off?

    for coding, that is. Wink

    Personally, my ideal work environment is a nice cool dark room, lit by the glow of LCD screens and blinky lights. Offices, of course, force us to work under gray flourescent lighting.

    So, do you prefer the lights on or off?

  • Is the PC Dying?

    You're right Kettch.
    My observation is just in my little part of the world. I see more and more desktops being replaced with notebooks. It will be a long time coming, but as the heat and flexibility needs are addressed, I do believe ultimately the desktop will become a dinosaur. The shift is already very slowly happening.

  • Is the PC Dying?

    I think desktops will slowly disappear. I see it already. More and more offices are providing their people with notebooks. Personally, my entire family is all mobile now as well. 
    It will take a while, but as the performance and ability differences continue to disappear, I believe the desktop will ultimately go the way of Eniac. As Mobile Broadband continues to increase bandwidth, it will help things too.

  • Proof Positive: Bush is 25X Worse Than Satan

    "The much-maligned common man and common woman have an enormous hunger for brotherhood. They are ready for the 23rd century now. They are light-years ahead of their petty governments and visionless leaders."

    -- Gene Roddenberry, 1976

  • WMP Group - PLEASE FIX WMP You broke it!

    I couldn't agree more with the original poster. I'm a MS junkie, preferring to use MS tools over all else just because, but WMP has had me playing with Real and WinAmp over the last year because it is almost completely unusable. Sad.

    I don't have the multi-monitor problem that Scooter has. My guess is that it is related to the video overlay settings with his video drivers. However, I too am annoyed by those dang store icons.

    WMP is a sad disappointment, and it pains me to admit it.

  • scrum in microsoft

    rmeindl wrote:
    As the guy who irritated his colleague Alvar I should answer to his post: First things first, was the “85%” made up? Yes, completely. Period. So why have I done this? It is a little trick to give critical people something questionable so they start to make some research by them self and start a discussion. Nothing better can happen! So I knew that some teams at MS use SCRUM (or a modified version) and it worked, the discussion has started. Maybe this trick is unprofessional, but it work sometimes.

    You betrayed the trust of your team. You failed as a leader. Not just lying, but the arrogance you show trying to explain it. If you expect technical excellence and accuracy from your team, then you need to work on yourself first.

  • Sun Warming!

    Much science is now pointing to manmade gases actually slowing global warming by preventing solar radiation from reaching the surface.

  • What's your Personal DNA type?

    another Benevolent Leader here...