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KosherCoder KosherCoder
  • Slightly depressing day.

    jamie wrote:
    thats where im at
    i  - just - want - to - load - xp

    I feel the pain.

    I migrated two of my machines to Vista: a desktop and my tablet. Both fairly high end machines. Both are back with XP after months of fighting Vista RC1 through RTM.

    I'm sure to get Vista preloaded on my next new machines. Hopefully, the experience will be better.

  • Names for ​computers/d​evices

    My domain is UFP, and each workstation is named for a planet in or near the Federation: Andor, Bajor, Risa, Tellar, MemoryAlpha (my server), Denobula, Vulcan, and Betazed.

  • People suck

    FDB and the others are correct.
    Your insurance company will go to bat for you. That's what you pay them to do.

  • Movies, which you saw recently?

    Last weekend, I watched RV on PPV.
    Goofy movie, predictable, but entertaining.

  • Completely random and non technical

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    Fiction - to me personally - seems unproductive

    I totally agree.
    For me, it would be a waste of time, although I can understand that some may enjoy fiction for its entertainment value, much like I watch TV.

  • Niners that use a convertible tablet PC w/ vista sound off.

    I absolutely love my Toshiba R25. Vista performs admirably, except the Toshiba tools don't work yet, such as the auto screen rotate.

  • Cocacola

    ElucidWeb wrote:
    Aspartame which is the artificial sweetener is an essential amino acid, and is completely harmless.

    Aspartame has been proven to contribute to migraines. It breaks down the blood/brain barrier.

  • Cocacola

    What's Coke?
    Dr Pepper here.

  • Good tech movies?

    AntiTrust is cool. Others you may want to consider:
    Hackers 2
    Pirates of Silicon Valley  (based on the real story of MS vs Apple)
    Real Genius
    Swordfish (not really techy, but has some nice tech in it)
    Andromeda Strain (ditto)
    War Games

    Here's some documentary-style tech shows. You may still be able to find them for rent or torrent.
    Revolution OS
    The Story of Computer Games
    Hackers - Outlaws and Angels
    In the Realm of Hackers
    Triumph of the Nerds
    Unauthorized Access

  • Command Prompt causes video driver to crash on Vista RC1?

    BlackTiger wrote:
    Sometimes, especially after "Aurora" preview(!) all other screen savers works incorrectly (looks like video memory corruption).

    I see the same thing on my Vista machine that I upgraded from XP Media Center 2005. On the machine I did a fresh install on, which is an identical machine in every way, the video is perfect.

    Both ATI x1900's, btw.