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KosherCoder KosherCoder
  • Channel9 Calendar?

    That's a fantastic idea.
    I would use it!

  • What's your computer's network name?


    All my machines are named for Federation planets.

  • Why are we still writing code?

    I remember in the early wysiwyg days - the promises of entire systems developed with nothing but drag and drop. I guess the software for my flying car will be made that way.

  • Head or Heart?

    Awesome article.
    "Day coders".  oh man.  what a great phrase.
    I can totally identify with the author about that.

  • Vista and VPNs

    Same problem here. Can't upon Can't get SQL Reporting Sues to work. At present, it is a great home and Media Os, but it is not for development. my 24

  • Purchasing Convertible ​Tablet/​Laptop...any suggestions?

    I am absolutely in love with my Toshiba R25.
    Had it for about a month now, and I can't imagine life without a tablet. This one performs very well, runs cool (rare for a tablet), and has great resolution.

  • Our biggest challenge: Climate Change

    Well said, Sabot.

    I've recently gotten serious about these issues. I've replaced my 20mpg car with a 35mpg one, all my bulbs are the squiggly ones, and water and elec consumption is being watched more carefully.

    I'm not one of those people who secretly wishes the planet would revert to a premodern age, but we do need to be responsible with the resources we do use.

  • Unfortunate​ly your position is one that has been eliminated.

    Cornelius Ellsonpeter wrote:
    Radio Shack has been in trouble for a long time...

    I agree. I used to love Radio Shack. I had some Tandy systems growing up. It was a fun place to hang out when dragged to the mall.

    However, they failed to adapt to the new age. It is a shame. They're not laying off many people, but I can't see how they'll be around in a few years at all.

    RIP Radio Shack.

  • Life With Other Departments

    A true story.

    In 1998, I was working for a mega-corporation, based in Detroit. My team was in a little tucked away group whose sole task was to exploit new technologies and recommend how they can be used in the company. It was an awesome job - except for the VP who oversaw the team.

    He was a couple levels up, but he fancied himself a techy. However, he was totally inept. One friday, he asked a couple of us to "put the internet on CD so I can look at it at home over the weekend."

    We thought he meant that he wanted us to get him online somehow.


    He wanted the entire internet downloaded and burned on a bunch of CDs so he could look through it all. We tried to explain that the volume of data (even in '98) was just unbelievably huge and his request doesnt make sense. He said we just didn't want to stay late on a Friday to help him out.

    After we containted our laughter, which took quite a while, we had to come up with a "real" solution for him.

    So, we took an estimate of the volume of data on the net, divided by the size of a CD, used the time it took to burn a disk on the old doublespeed burners, and estimated how many burners and disks we would need to complete the task by the end of the following week (to be fair). We also attached costs of the hardware.

    We never heard back about it at all. The point was made. I hear that proposal document still circulates within the company. As was said above, he just needed to see the numbers in perspective.

  • Stop for ice

    a great thread?
    There is no point in trying to make people feel guilty about having water. It is possible to be motivated to aid the poor without feeling guilty about having things, you know.

    To keep up the fun part of this thread, a true story:
    Walking down the Wildwood, NJ boardwalk two summers ago, I actually heard Amanda Hugenkiss paged over the city's speakers. I still can't beleive someone fell for it.