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  • Brian Jones - New Office file formats announced

    This is all really cool. I am a web developer and it was my dream for a long time to have easy (at least open) way to stream back Word and Excel files.

    However, in this interview I haven't heard about some really important issues. Like protection,  security, document autencity. What will happen if I set password to the Word document? It'll just use this password for ZIP compression? How do I know whether the document came from a reliable source and wasn't tempered? Ok, it is easy and exciting to replace a JPG image, but how would I know that it was replaced? It is easy to change the author's name in XML but not secure. I would really like Microsoft to make it possible to detect WHICH PART OF THE DOCUMENT was tampered (if it was). Security is a very important issue here, when Word and Excel go to open standards.

    I hope in the next interview you will ask these questions!