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  • Windows 8 Running on ARM

    Windows 8 is very cool!

    However, that ARM tablet is laggy. This can be forgiven for a dev preview but unless the ARM hardware provides a buttery smooth experience, it won't compete with existing mobile OS based tablets. If the arm tablet feels like an underpowered netbook, it will fail.

  • TWC9: Windows 8, Code Formatting Macro, You will love Debugger Canvas

    Wow. I would really like to see debugger canvas as a built in tool in visual studio and the default for stepping through breakspoints.

  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    , wkempf wrote


    There's a reason for this. HTML is a document centric language and does very poorly when designing other types of user interfaces.



  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    So we are now at over 130 comments, almost every single one a negative reaction to the developer story (as heard so far). I am hearing the same general things everywhere:

    1. HTML5+JS is crap.
    2. Many devs are tired of hearing about HTML5+JS.
    3. WPF+Silverlight+.Net+Blend+Visual Studio is what devs want.
    4. Devs won't be writing touch apps for Windows if they have to use HTML+JS. (How popular did Vista Gadgets turn out to be?)
    5. If this is the whole developer story, Microsoft is nuts.

    @Charles? Microsoft? When are we going to get a PR damage control statement addressing these concerns? I still hold out hope that HTML+JS is a new developer story not a replacement for the existing dev stories. If this is true, Microsoft should simply communicate it. We don't need details, that can wait for BUILD. It seems like most devs are just looking for assurance.

  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    I think it looks crap. Couldn't they have at least rounded the corners a little on those tiles. Haven't they heard of gradients, or perhaps you can't do a gradient in html?

    I hearby declare I am jumping off the MS dev ship. Whatever it takes. I can't be assed with it any more.

    To be fair, I think the reasoning behind this has to do with one of the core Metro design philosophies. The UI gets out of the way to showcase what the user really cares about: the content.

  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    , Charles wrote

    @joeyw: "Windows 8" is Windows...


    @Charles:I think we understand that you can dump out of the immersive touch experience to the regular desktop and run Silverlight apps both in and out of the browser. You can also run Silverlight apps in the immersive UI version of the browser. It is Windows, and you can do that on Windows.

    What developers really want to know is: Can you write a touch based app in Silverlight that appears as a tile within the immersive UI and integrates with the whole experience, just like you can on Windows Phone.

    I actually made a post about this in the coffeehouse before I saw this thread. Though, it probably came off as a little too rantish and less "i want input". Bass flamed me for it a bit. Tongue Out

    Edit: sleepydaddy​software beat me too it!

  • An Introduction to Windows Live Sync and How to Migrate from Live Mesh

    Thanks Anand! The steps you described work perfectly! Big Smile I am now using sync to keep the data partitions on all 3 of my computers synchronized.


    Perhaps it would be helpful to add a note somewhere in the UI that you need to initiate the sync from each remote computer if you want to choose a local folder.

  • An Introduction to Windows Live Sync and How to Migrate from Live Mesh

    I was really excited about Sync and just finished installing it only to find that I can't select the sync location for remote computers! This seems like a required basic feature for syncing two folders and a huge deal breaker for me. Can you even call what Live Sync does.... synchronization? Copying a folder from one computer into the personal directory of the others doesn't sound like synchronization. More like backing up. Perhaps I'm not understanding something here...


    Lets say I have a laptop and a desktop. On both computers I create a Data partition (D:\). Both computers have a D:\Work folder. Please correct me if I'm wrong but using the new sync, I can't synchronize these two folders. As soon as I set up sync on, say, the laptop. It will start putting the Work folder on the desktop under the personal directory. If I make changes to a file in D:\Work on the desktop, it won't get synced to the laptop.


    Is there an official feedback channel where I can voice this concern?

  • Luca Bolognese: C# and VB.NET Co-Evolution - The Twain Shall Meet

    So.... in the video he mentions that C# will get XML Literals?! Right?? Big Smile

    If so, bless you people! That is the one feature that I REALLY wish I had in C#. I've been soo jealous!

  • First Look at Expression Blend 3

    Excellent! I can't wait!
  • First Look at Expression Blend 3

    I too want to hear about .Net 4.0 support for Blend 3.

    What about WPF? Will it be updated to support all of these fancy Silverlight features?
  • Designing the Windows 7 Taskbar

    Excellent video! What are the chances that we could get the source code for that bat signal program?