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LCARS LCARSNxG Dev in North Carolina
  • Windows 8 dev story and compat

    From what I have seen, WinRT is only for Metro apps. It seems that Microsoft has a new favorite child and they are talking all about Metro. Metro apps are great and all but their message is confusing outside of Metro.

    1. Is WPF now the recommended technology for normal desktop apps? They barely mentioned desktop apps at build. WPF was mentioned a few times. WinForms was nowhere to be found.
    2. If WPF is now the best way to write normal desktop apps, why haven't they improved it much? They did have a few slides mentioning some improvements that were made but WPF didn't seem very important.
    3. What about Silverlight? They have been beating the HTML5 drum for a while now, so people assumed that Silverlight is dead and HTML5 should be used for cross platform LOB apps. But all of their tooling improvements are for Metro HTML5 apps only. Expression Blend doesn't do HTML5 for websites. It only does HTML5 for native windows Metro apps. If HTML5 is the future of cross platform LOB apps on the web, where is the designer tooling to enable these scenarios?
  • Metro is... strangely familiar


    I have been using my own LCARS based operating system shells for Windows since Win 98! LCARS is what got me started programming!

  • Metro is... strangely familiar

    @Sven Groot:

    You will get no argument from me! Wink

    In truth, you really could think of the Metro UI as a cousin of the LCARS UI.

  • Win8, dumb question FAQs.

    10) Metro app doesn't count as a process in the taskbar?

    • unknown

    Metro is part of explorer.exe now. Explorer.exe used to just be the normal desktop+taskbar but it looks like Metro is a part of that process.

  • Windows Phone Mango is RTM


    Ah the mango. A delicious fruit! Much tastier than an apple in my opinion. I hear its poisonous to androids.

    Edit: Tom Warren is playing dirty tricks with my mind. He just appended a question mark to his article title.

  • Does Windows 7 really just work?

    Getting back to the question in the title, this is my experience:

    If you purchase a computer from a standard OEM (Dell, HP, etc, etc) with Windows installed, it will not  just work. In fact, day to day usage of the computer is a very poor experience. This is because of all of the bloated crapware and out of date drivers that they preinstall. Boot up times are sluggish. Software installation is error prone. The registry is flooded with useless nonsense. There are too many useless processes and services running.

    If you purchase a computer and do a fresh install of Windows plus up to date drivers, it will just work. Boot up times are fast. Application launch times are fast. Software installation is much less error prone (excluding the occasional poorly written installer). Very few processes and services are running.

    The vast majority of people experience Windows through a crapware infested PC courtesy of their friendly neighborhood OEM. I am of the strong belief that this is a big contributing factor to the perception that Windows PCs do not "just work" as well as, say, a Mac which does not come out of the box in a corrupted state.

  • Part of XAML team is officially under Windows and WinPh departments.

    @section31: This article paints a much more rosey picture. It talks about this news in light of some of the recent findings in the leaked builds.


  • More details on ​jupiter/win​RT

    All of this info based on digging around leaked builds is getting me very excited. They had better implement all of this Jupiter stuff or I might cry!

  • Win Rumors: Silverlight isn't dead, its the heart of WP7, W8, and Xbox

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    and Windows Phone are sound there are two concerns I have with this:

    1. Microsoft hasn't said anything that remotely resembles this senario. After the last debacle over Silverlight's "death" you think Microsoft would have learned about the importance of keeping their dev's informed and being at least remotely honest and transparent with us.

    I am still holding out hope that they want to make some big splash at Build by announcing Jupiter and the ability to write an app once and run on xbox, phone, and pc. It's my last thread of hope before the HTML+JS apocalypse.

    Check out this post: http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/26404-Windows-8-(7955)-Findings-in-M3-Leak?p=444524&viewfull=1#post444524 and the one following it. Specifically, take a look at this screenshot: http://xs.to/photo/4437

    (I saw someone else link to this thread in another post so hopefully its not against any rules)

    Edit: I tried in vain to fix that first link, right down to editing the html, but could not make it display the link properly. Oh well.

  • Win Rumors: Silverlight isn't dead, its the heart of WP7, W8, and Xbox

    @BitFlipper: Really? I checked but I don't see any threads about this article.