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  • Performance Improvements in Visual Studio 2008

    I am pleased to report that sufficient enough fixes have been resolved to VS2008 to make the upgrade worthwhile from VS2005.  It does not resolve all the performance issues but with large solutions (12+ projects; tested with both web-apps and win-apps) the IDE does not crash daily now.

    I still found loading web pages in the solution painful at best;especially  with custom controls, taking 1-2 minutes to load - but can be somewhat curbed if Source View is set as default.  I hope they continue to focus on the performance.

    If you are upgrading and previously merged web app projects together for rapid developement which you ran them on a single WebServer in debug mode - you will now need to set them staggered on different ports.  It appears VS2008 prevents the binding of multiple web projects to the webserver but it will work.

    All devs upgrading will need to install this patch in order to get the benefits the dev speaks about in this video though.  It is a must install.


  • Performance Improvements in Visual Studio 2008

    I am glad they addressed so many errors but scared of the types of errors which were missed, let alone not released to VS2005.  The SP1 in vs2005 did not address the performance issues as much as I had hoped for... 

    I think the team should test large project development much more before release OR put in timers to be able to record performance which can be turned on and off for their feedback.

    I "still" have daily crashes in VS2005 and project IDE delays which account for 10's of hours a week lost.  I hope vs2008 fixes this because I miss the old vs2003 IDE.  fingers crossed