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Niner since 2011

I am a mobile/platform software developer and I.T. Professional currently residing in Las Vegas, NV.


  • Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Direct Services API

    So, now we know how to connect but how do we send data from one device? Like, sending a file or creating a Mesh network and pushing data.

  • Ping 165: HelpBridge, Microsoft PLAY, 9 year old wiz kid, Windows Phone silenced

    First time I actually started writing code? I was easily 13 but even before that I was playing with our old school computer that used tape that was the programs, yes literally paper you pull through but I don't call that real development.

    When I was 14 I started working on the Speech SDK and using Visual Studio prior to becoming 32-Bit (16-bit) and this being VB4 (later obtained the VB5 32Bit). I made AOL/AIM "Progz". Yes, back when AOL was cool. Later on was written up in 1999 in Wired under my alias for being a bad boy.

    Also later started using Shareware sites to sell my little programs, one being an Uninstaller, Memory Clear, System Speed Up, Internet Bandwidth Logger, but eventually sold my Popup Stopper. It was the first one that stopped ALL popups, even the ones from Flash/Shockwave and I went to sell it to an ISP that if I knew was going to put it on every TV commercial, I perhaps would have tried to get more funds for it.

    Oh well, I miss my IBM Aptiva (still have it actually) and CompUSA where I could pickup a pack of Bawls and yeah, the old days (which are my younger days) feels like a life time ago.

  • Building your own hand-held game console with, Netduino, C# and the PIX-6T4 project

    That is NUTS! So cool to see stuff like this at play, makes me see what I do is nothing compared to the ones who remind me and prove to me why I continue to be inspired and dream to be like.

  • A deep dive into Expression Blend for designing Metro style apps using HTML

    So, I assume now with Blend you technically don't need Visual Studio as you can build a site within and if so, will this be available for WP7 Developers?