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  • "Netduino Home Automation Projects [for Lazy Boys]"

    I was technical editor for Matt on this book and let me tell you it was a blast testing out the projects. If you have a Netduino or are thinking of getting one, this is a must have book... double that if you have a Windows Phone. Cool

  • Part 1: Series Introduction

      If you are having a moment of indecision about whether or not you should do this... squash that bug and get coding. This will be one of the most favorite decisions you've made in life.

      I am not kidding, in a few months when you've got a few apps in the store and enjoying the successes and fun of Windows Phone development, you'll come back here and comment.


  • Build Hackathon Winners Announced!

    @Mike Smith: You can see a Vine of the app in action here

    This is what you are seeing:

    A Netduino Plus 2 receives a pressure sensor measurement from a punch or fist slam. It samples that punch at 10 millisecond intervals during the punch and sends that data over Bluetooth to the Windows Phone app

    In the Windows Phone app the punch gets displayed in the UI within a Telerik RadGauge control to smoothly show the current hit. In the second panorama item, a RadDataBoundListBox shows the individual pressure values that were sampled.

    After a punch has been successfully captured, the Windows Phone app sends that data up to Azure using Azure Mobile Services. Using Live authentication we can store the punch values alongside the puncher's name, thus creating a leader board.

    Lastly, we have a Windows 8 client (WinRT) that displays the leaderboard next to a Telerik RadChart for Windows 8. The chart plots out all the 10 millisecond sampled readings which usually create a nice curve (low - high - low).

    That's what you're seeing in the Vine video  Big Smile

  • Build Hackathon Winners Announced!

    It was online yesterday when the streaming was hooked in (using "jump to x:yy minute mark"), but now they are processing it as individual videos. They'll probably have it ready in a few days.


  • Windows Phone 8, Netduino and Bluetooth...

    Matt (@roguecode on twitter) is a monster. He eats transistors with his Wheaties... Keep your eyes on the Nokia WP8 community, there is going to be much more un-distilled awesome coming.

  • IWP40: UX Designer Jon Bell talks Common App Design Problems

    Great discussion. Simple IS hard. It took me 6 published apps to finally "get it". Now I really LOVE making things as simple as possible.  Cool

  • Scientists using the Kinect to study glaciers and asteroids

    It just keeps getting better...


    "Better with Kinect"!

  • Dissecting the First Application you Wrote - Day 1 - Part 5

    hi donna, those strange colorations on the right hand side of the emulator also appeared on mine.  Don't worry, after I had navigated through some screens and went back tot he start screen it dissappeared on its own.  Also, I had resized my emulator larger than 50%, so that might help you as well.