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  • Rebecca Norlander: Security and Success at Microsoft

    News Flash:
    To most citizens (meaning paying MS customers) a computer is a life accessory, not a life. To blame Windows security problems on "stupid users" is exactly why it's 2006, every other day brings a new MS security scary story and MS blindly celebrates its GM of Security with a glory video while lost-faith stupid-users are grasping at anywhere for an alternative (e.g. the "why in the world" proliferation of Firefox, Linux (plus the endless Saturday radio talk shows dedicated to "fixing" Windows PC's that always give the same advice... reinstall Windows or wait until the next version)). Alternatives will never supplant Windows but they do give a big fat clue that folks are year after year frustrated that computers are still such a basic rub your head, pat your tummy, wish for luck gizmo. And MS adding more and more high tech features is where Detroit was when each year brought more chrome and bigger fins. As they say in Sunday school, the wise man builds his house upon the stone, the foolish man builds his house upon the sand. Given a choice between Vista with all its new cool Robert Fripp action noises and a no-fripps tank of a Windows version called Hi-Rel/Hi-Sec (MS code name "Mess With This Machine And Die") which one would you... well, what a silly, obvious question (to users, not "but I want a challenge" developers). Look, I like MS. I root for MS. Every classroom should have a picture of Bill Gates, the true symbol of the American Dream. Seriously. But MS has become like a big rich uncle who does goofy, out of touch things that you put up with because he's rich and successful, the only game in town and you hope something nice will trickle down someday. Could someone at MS at least make us feel a little better by admitting that the masses have lost faith in MS Security because of, maybe, something to do with MS?

    Larbedo the Dog

    P.S. Re: Supplement Bottles... A video on a Security Boss who is evidently somewhat fragile with 6 bottles of vitamins in the background plus a dead plant, a stuffed happy tiger and a Mr. Rogers sweater doesn't give me comfort that this is the tip of the spear in the WAR against the hordes of serious techno-spetsnaz-warrior hackers and mobsters preying on the net. At least she wasn't crying. Forget the politically correct Seattle-type stuff! A security video reel featuring a 300 pound bull-d%ke gal with a soccer coach crew cut and a ripped T-shirt that says "See Me for an Attitude Adjustment!"... howdy howdy, OK, I would feel better. That there is hope out there. I'm sure Ms. Norlander is a wonderful and sensitive person, infinitely credentialed with all the right tickets punched who would actually be great to sit at Starbucks with and muse about mean old Mr. Virus issues but, come on MS people, there's a WAR going on out here!! Help Us!!! We need reinforcements and firepower not a new issue of Stars and Stripes and a USO Show!!!!