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Larry Osterman Larry Osterman
  • Elliot H Omiya, Larry Osterman and Frank Yerrace: Inside Windows 7 - Audio Stack

    Ytterbium: None of this was cut from Vista.  Some of this functionality was implemented in hardware and the audio device manufacturers cut the functionality from their hardware at about the same time that Vista shipped, but the two events were unrelated.


  • Larry Osterman: Windows 7 Audio - What's New

    You're describing a feature that we've discussed several times before (the ability to output to multiple devices simultaneously).  There are some serious technical challenges getting this to work in all scenarios (for instance if you're outputting to an AV receiver and headphones, the sound may be several milliseconds out of sync which sounds crappy) and as such it hasn't made the bar for features (there have always been higher priority features to implement).

    In Win7 when you plug your headphones in, audio will be automatically redirected (assuming that the app hasn't explicitly said that it wants to render to your desktop speakers), and when you unplug them it will be automatically redirected to the desktop speakers.  We've done a lot to make sure that everything works smoothly but we've not yet implemented all the features we want.


    Part of the reason that I use weasel words like "probably" and "maybe" is because these features DON'T work in all circumstances.  For instance the stream switching behavior intentionally only works if an app uses the default output device - that's because we're not going to override the choice of the application - if the application said that it wants to render to the speakers, we're not going to override the app's choice.

  • Hanselminutes on 9 - Inside Secret Microsoft Meeting Rooms - What Laptop do Alpha Geeks Use?

    Wow.  I'd love to have the crappiest of those laptops.


    Mine's a Toshiba A100 with 1G of RAM and a 60G hard disk.

  • Larry Osterman: Windows 7 Audio - What's New

    You're asking too much of your high end expensive machine Smiley

    Many applications (Skype, Live Messenger, WMP, etc) have UI which allows them to redirect their audio to any device, as does the Windows Sounds stuff.  Unfortuantely the Media Center team hasn't chosen to add this support to their application which prevents you from getting your scenario to work.



  • Larry Osterman: Windows 7 Audio - What's New

    No, we're not using GetTickCount.  It's 53 milliseconds, not 55 millisecond, and the test cases in question were using USB, so they included a fair amount of driver overhead as well.

    The relevent bit is that we've shaved more than 25ms of latency off the audio pipeline (if the driver supports low latency mode).
  • Larry Osterman: Windows 7 Audio - What's New

    To be clear: The HID keys not working at the logon screen wasn't a "vista" thing, it was a "windows" thing - it's never worked in any version of Windows before Win7.

  • Larry Osterman: Windows 7 Audio - What's New

    Hardware Loopback is a function of the hardware and the driver.  Some drivers support it, some don't.

    On one of my test machines, hardware loopback is supported, on another it isn't.  There's nothing particularly "difficult" about supporting it in Vista, it's supported exactly the same as it is in XP.