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Larry Larsen LarryLarsen "Lightbulb"
  • MS Ignite

    I don't know what their full hosting plan is, I know they are sending people here: https://ignite.microsoft.com/sessions

    I know they didn't do pre-shows with Joey and Rick. :( Those were so much fun to do. Hoping they come back next year. 

  • Channel 9 videos unwatchable because of lag

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll file a bug to look into this. 

  • Oh come one!

    @wastingtimewithforums: we wouldn't censor anything unless it were actually hardcore. if you give me more details I can look into it though. 

  • MS Ignite

    They aren't hosting the event on Channel 9 this year and I think they will have forums elsewhere. I didn't see a lot of activity in it so we removed it from the Forums dropdown. Ideally I'd like to see more conversations in the Coffeehouse but if a lot of you want us to open the Ignite section back up we're open to it. 

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    @MasterPi: Training is mostly covered by MVA

    In the next iteration of Channel 9 I'll make sure we have a specific area for Core Channel 9 Content so it is easy to see just those. 

    Thanks again for your feedback. 

  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk

    @figuerres: Thanks for this feedback, I couldn't agree with you more. In fact, when we hired Seth one of the first things I told him was that I don't want to see him doing studio shows, he should be in offices and at whiteboards. There are times when we can't avoid it (like live events, and he filled in for Hanselman for Azure Fridays last week). But I would like to see much more stuff like the old Bill Hill videos. 

    We still use the Bill Hill videos as a model for what we want to do, and we refer to those kinds of videos internally as "Core Channel 9 Content". 

  • Channel9 accuse me of being a spammer. Havent even posted once yet!

    @NotSoFastHuman: I looked into this and see nothing that shows you being banned. In fact, if you were banned you wouldn't have been able to post that you were banned. If there's some other message you're getting please let me know.  



  • coffeehouse: a great place to flood with junk


    I wanted to give you an update on this. We're aware of the spam problem and we have someone who is trying to manage the problem until we can get devs to look at longer term solutions. 

    While planning for the next version(s) of Channel 9 we had some discussions about the forums and what we might do in this space. If the forums are important to you I'd ask that you please click the banner ad on the front page and fill out our survey. We value your input greatly and it helps us in planning. 

    I do apologize for the spam and the lack of forum features. The very good news here is that we've just completed our second hire on the engineering team and we're thrilled to have an increase in resources in every category on Channel 9. We'll be captioning much more content, rolling out more features, opening a new studio next month, trying some new things and fixing some of the things that have had little progress in recent years. 

    I'm very interested in your thoughts on the forums; what you think could make them better, and any other input you might have around Channel 9. If you don't want to post your thoughts publicly you can reach me at (my firstname)La@microsoft.com. 

    Thank you

  • hello everyone

    Hi, welcome to Channel 9. Here's a good place to start with Windows Phone. 


  • I can immediately tell that a video is 60Hz

    @Ian2: Nobody can eat 50 eggs.