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Larry Larsen LarryLarsen "Lightbulb"
  • Channel 9 officially dead?

    Let me settle in here with a Diet Mt. Dew and try to respond to this. 

    First, let me assure you with every one of the 10,000 new foam 9 guys that rolled in this week - Channel 9 is definitely very much alive and well. In fact, we're doubling down on the "old school Channel 9", which I'll get to in a moment. 

    With regard to Windows 10, correct that there isn't a lot of coverage of it right now on Channel 9. Gov and I mentioned it on Defrag today, but we didn't go into a lot of detail. This was a preview for IT Pros and tech experts. It wasn't a developer preview. Stay tuned. :) 

    To ZippyV's comments, I agree that we've had a lack of what we call core Channel 9 content on the front page and have favored shows. That's something that we've been working actively behind the scenes to fix. Charles has been tasked with other duties and he hasn't been able to contribute as much as we had hoped. He will be back, I saw him editing a video yesterday.

    But in the meantime, let me announce this; we have a new headcount open for another "Charles". I'll be posting a link to the Coffeehouse soon and I will direct all the candidates to this thread because I think it's very important for the candidate to understand what Niners are looking for and what you expect from Channel 9. 

    With that said, I hope you will respond in great length with what you want to see, who you want to see, and the areas of the campus you want to see. Your requests will be their task list.

    I also encourage you to suggest some people who would make a good Ninecaster who can create the great core C9 content that all of us here are saying we want to see again on 9. Whether it's someone you've seen on 9, a friend, or maybe even yourself. Helping me find this person will be key to returning us to our roots. 

    Thank you all for speaking up though. Please continue...

  • I finally tried Oculus Rift

    @magicalclick: The head tracking on the first DK was great. It seemed to lose tracking a little bit over time so sometimes I would end up skewed 30 degrees over the course of a game, but it works well. The new DK uses a camera to track the head which seems to work much better. It lets you lean around corners and in theory should be able to stop the drifting. 

  • I finally tried Oculus Rift

    , spivonious wrote

    "I am sure virtual reality will eventually catch up..."

    People have been saying this for 20 years.

    From my Bill Buxton / Jeff Han interview. 

  • I finally tried Oculus Rift

    Do you know if you were using the first dev kit or the new DK2? The newer one has a less obvious screendoor effect (seeing the pixels). 

    I had the first dev kit and I liked it okay but had the same complaints you have. One thing I'll say is that after about 20 minutes playing a game you tend let go of the things you noticed and get into the game. The new DK2 will be much better. 

  • Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

    We will be talking to the team behind this soon, if you have any questions let us know.  

  • Ever played Wing Commander or like space combat / flight sims?

    I'm looking forward to EVE Valkyrie for the Oculus Rift. 

  • Thanks MS for that computer

    Ha! I remember setting that up for you back when I had a triangular office in pre-remodeled Building 18. Glad you liked it.  

  • VS 2012 is messed up after 8.1 update, can't' find  MSVCR110.dll

    @Hal9901: Thanks for the fix, Hal. Mind if I mention it on Defrag? Send me your address and I'll send you a couple 9 guys.  

  • An interesting perspective on Metro

    @kettch: That sounds like The Magic of Reading paper Bill Hill wrote. It looks like the links to it on Poynter (hey, I put that there) and Slate are now 404'ing. I'll find that doc and put it somewhere. Here you go. Bill once told me he sent it to Bill Gates when he first wrote it and Bill read it front to back twice. It's worth reading twice.  

    In part 4 of my discussion with Jeff Han and Bill Buxton going up next week Jeff talks about LCD manufacturers quite a bit. 


  • Recommended programs to increase video volume level?

    If it's just a file you're playing, VLC will allow you to set your volume up to 200% with the wheel on your mouse. That's typically what I do when I can't hear a video file.