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Larsenal Larsenal ready to give an answer
  • Windows Phone 7 Games .. Looking Good

    Any info on the cost of the WP7 games?

  • Preview the New Channel 9

    I think the red stars need to be toned down quite a bit.  I don't think they need as much visual weight.  Instead, I'd want the content titles to really be clear.


    The advertisement block needs to be toned down a lot.


    The Channel9 guy isn't pixel perfect around the edges.


    I can appreciate the move toward simplicity, but something still feels a little off design-wise.  For example, the width of the Twitter and "What is C9?" columns feel off.


    On the home page I see 3 completely different styles of horizontal rule: light grey solid, thick grey (in "Community Activity") and dotted black under the bottom headings.  This makes things feel disjointed.

  • Win7 more expensive than Vista? Is MS really this stupid?

    wkempf said:

    5. Microsoft currently has an ad campaign targeting the expense of Apple products, which are seemingly successful. However, OSX is cheaper than Vista, and raising the price on Windows 7 is going to be a marketing fiasco.

    Excellent point.  That will blow up in their face.

  • Easiest way to install Win2008 as guest OS in Hyper-V

    I have a new dedicated server.  I'd like to run a copy of Win2008 on a VM within Hyper-V.  Since you're already running Windows 2008, is there any quick and easy way to install the OS to the VM?  I was hoping that a typical install of Windows 2008 included an ISO or something that you could use to install Win2008 on VMs.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

  • Office 2007 adoption numbers, anyone?

    vesuvius said:
    jjesse said:
    Not the best of barometers as the Office 2007 compatibility pack was released for Office 2003 that allows them [clients] to view the newer formats , I know of a few places this is used.

    Office generates about the same revenue as Windows (would you believe it or not), and I don't see people intentionally bashing Office 2007 like Vista . I think most enterprises will retain their old Office 2003 machines, but on new machines you can have XP, but definitely take Office 2007. There is a tonne of business value there, unlike Vista.
    While I understand while MS might want to guard these secrets, but it sure would be helpful in convincing devs to help push forward with software targeting current-version software.

  • Office 2007 adoption numbers, anyone?

    I'd like to get a sense of the current install base.  Where can I find some data?  So far my google skills haven't got me far.

  • The US 2008 Election Thread

    stun said:
    phreaks said:
    There are families who are on the 4th generation of welfare, no one in their families has ever worked, that's the reality your mentality spurns.
    Yes I know your frustration on this, and I couldn't agree more on this.
    There will ***always*** be people who abuse the system.

    These kind of people usually blame their failure and laziness on others by the following line
    "Man....eff that I ain't workin' my * off to get a better life...
    They are just "taking advantage" of us.
    I do NOT want to give my money to those kinds of people.
    I **even support** finding ways to penalize and discourage those lazy tards and reduce on their welfare and force them work and be "productive" members of the society.

    Don't lecture us on your 'feelings' about the quality of life.
    Taking money out of one pocket to give to another accomplishes what?
    It may be a *very thin line* between caring for others and Socialism.
    But, this is where and how I draw the line.

    Yes I do have feelings which make me care about the people and families who are really in need of help.

    Phreaks, I am not attacking you on your beliefs.
    I am just trying to politely state my viewpoint.
    Maybe you think I am a Socialist.

    But I beg to differ. I want people to live a more fulfilling life with LESS worries.
    If you feel people need help, go help them.  Don't pat yourself on the back for voting for government to do it for you--if for no other reason than that government is typically 50% less efficient in accomplishing anything.

  • The US 2008 Election Thread

    Harlequin said:
    phreaks said:
    We have universal health care up here. Check what you would have paid if you were an American who has no health care. Would have been a lot more than zero.
    Being comfortable with the idea that you "pay zero" is silly.  It costs something.  The money comes from somewhere.  The people (speaking as an aggregate) ALWAYS pay when the government foots the bill.

    Same thing with tax on business.  In a certain sense, there is no such thing as a tax purely on business.  You always tax people.  Imposing tax on a business just makes them unwilling tax collectors; and though it go through any number of middle men, you're always taxing the labor and innovation of people.

    Costs of goods and services are not as simple as the cash out of pocket at the time of the sale.

  • The US 2008 Election Thread

    HumanCompiler said:
    spivonious said:
    I won't try to sway your vote for either, but I would sway you to vote for either Obama or McCain.  Every vote that's not for either of them is a vote taken away from the person you would've chosen between those two (since one of them will win).
    IMO, the electoral college softens this argument somewhat.  Yes, there's always the chance that the polls mean nothing and Dems won't take my state (CA) by a huge margin.  Given that reality, my single vote has less significance than those votes in swing states.  Obama will win CA.

  • OpenID in LiveID

    jjesse said:
    blowdart said:
    I agree with Blowdart.  The problem is we don't need more openid providers, we need more openid consumers.  Channel9, MSDN forums, hotmail, Facebook, and Google should all consume open ids.
    The problem is that then we store some of our profile informaiton elsewhere and they would lose out on that.

    www.identi.ca the open source twitter clone is a consumer of openid, so I use my open id from Ubuntu (launchpad.net is a provider and their wiki's are conumser's) to authenticate against identi.ca and all of the Ubuntu sites.

    Now if i could just standarize against one open id provider (whether Yahoo, MS, or someone else) and sign in across the board then I would be excited.

    "I agree with Blowdart.  The problem is we don't need more openid providers, we need more openid consumers. "

    True.  But more providers will hopefully push the adoption those considering whether or not to make their apps consumers.