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Lazycoder2 Lazycoder2
  • "Old ​Fashioned&q​uot; geek dinner

    Come find him at about 11:00PM on Sunday. He should be well lubricated and open to suggestions. Smiley

  • "Old ​Fashioned&q​uot; geek dinner

    Phil Haack is going to be in town, so I asked him if he wanted to get together for an adult beverage. It's spawned into a geek dinner of sorts this Sunday probably around 10PM ish. He has some more info on his blog as well as a discussion of WHERE to have this gathering.

    Right now it's going to be somewhere on the eastside. JJ Mahoneys and The Taphouse are the front runners.

    So if you're in the Seattle area and up for some geek talk, come join us.

  • So if Silverlight contains a portable .net core ...

    blowdart wrote:
    Which will run on the mac; this begs the obvious question, why isn't the whole thing being ported? (setting aside asp.net perhaps)

    I'll put aside my fanboy rantings of "why would I want to contaminate my Mac with the .NET Framework" because I would LOVE to be able to design Cocoa applications using Interface Builder and write all of my controllers using proper C#, not that Mono stuff.

    But there are some technical limitations to porting the entire framework to OS X. Not the least of which is that a lot of the .NET Framework is a wrapper for Win32, which doesn't exist on any Mac platform (either PowerPC or Intel). As far as I know, the specific database clients use OLEDB to connect to the databases, OS X only has ODBC.

  • Flex is Open source

    mike.chambers wrote:

    Apollo is a desktop runtime, more similar to WPF than Silverlight (which is a browser plugin).

    Sliverlight competes directly with the browser based Flash player.

    Flex is an application framework that can target the Flash Player and Apollo.

    But Apollo applications can run in either the browser or the desktop environment correct? Or do you have to write/compile your application to both a Flash version and an Apollo version if you want the user to have the choice of either running it in the browser from a web page or run it directly on the desktop?

    edit: According to Ryan Stewarts blog entry, Apollo is desktop only. I may be confusing the Trillian "Astra" version with Apollo.

  • Flex is Open source

    That does sound a little better.

  • Flex is Open source

    thumbtacks2 wrote:
    Marketing buzzwords aside, what, exactly, is Apollo (or Flex for that matter) supposed to do? And how is it different from anything else that is already out there?

    Adobe Marketing wrote:

    Adobe® Flex™ 2 software is a rich Internet application framework based on Adobe Flash® that will enable you to productively create beautiful, scalable applications that can reach virtually anyone on any platform. It includes a powerful, Eclipse™ based development tool, an extensive visual component library, and high-performance data services enabling you to meet your applications' most demanding needs.

    What is Flex?

    The Flex application framework consists of MXML, ActionScript 3.0, and the Flex class library. Developers use MXML to declaratively define the application user interface elements and use ActionScript for client logic and procedural control. Developers write MXML and ActionScript source code using the Adobe Flex Builder™ IDE or a standard text editor.

    The interon is your friend.

    Here's my understanding of it. Feel free to correct me when I'm wrong.

    If Flash == the .NET CLR, Flex == some of the namespaces (except for Flex Data services. That == System.Data)

    Apollo == WPF/WPF/E errrr Silverlight. It either subsumes Flex or is built on top of it.

  • Flex is Open source

    Bas wrote:
    anand.t wrote:

    It definitely stole the thunder from MIX.
    Guess what the hottest topic at MIX?
    “Is Microsoft going to open source Silverlight too?”

    That's just pathetic. How is that ever going to be the hottest topic at MIX?

    Because in Scobles world, multi-billion dollar companies decide what to do in response to competitors overnight, in "internet time".

    "My god, Adobe has open sourced Flex. We must do something. We must open source something!"

    "How about if we open source the Windows kernel?"

    "Great, we'll announce that tomorrow. No, TONIGHT! Someone call Robert Scoble. We need his camera now more than ever!"

    Adobe open sourcing some class libraries isn't anything that Microsoft is going to lose sleep over.

  • MIX 07 secrets

    irascian wrote:
    "competition to Amazon S3 hosting"

    Hmmm, forgot about "Live Drive". That's a distinct possibility. If they did announce it, a million HotMail users would cry out in unison "WHY IS MY ACCOUNT STILL AT 250MB?!".
    Found out my Hotmail acct is at 2gb.

    ben2004uk wrote:
    Don't forget they have had Jim Hugunin...Haven't really saw much about what the two are working on ...

    IronPython 1.1 came out a few days ago. I don't know if he's still the primary on that though. He probably still owns it. I think they have a dynamic language TEAM in the CLR team now.

  • MIX 07 secrets

    If a dynamic language layer is the big surprise at Mix 07 it would be the worst kept secret ever. Wink MS hired John Lam for cryin' out loud. They've GOT to have something dealing with Ruby and the CLR coming out.

    It'd be like hiring Eddie Van Halen to play oboe for your rock band.

    I'll throw out my two guesses.

    Universal Gadget platform.

    Office apps online w/full web based APIs.

  • Why I'm An Utter Dork

    Dude, you got upset over something Scott Bellware said?!?!

    More from the Scott Bellware hall of fame.

    Every time I start to respond to a post of his, I realize he just isn't worth the effort. He may be the kind of guy I could sit down with on a hot day and have a beer with. But I have a feeling he would spend most of the time telling me what a bad choice I made when I ordered my beer and how his beer was better.