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Lazycoder2 Lazycoder2
  • Scoble, Please Read This

    JasonOlson wrote:

    Now that I think about it more, I think it's more an issue with the dilution of the Live brand. Microsoft has a history of doing this kind of stuff.

    You remember when .NET was used EVERYWHERE? After all, Windows Server 2003 was originally called Windows .Net Server. We are dealing with the same thing with Live. What exactly does Live mean?!? There are so many different things that it doesn't exactly help distill what our internet strategy is.

    And now we are starting to see the same branding problem with XNA. Everything game-development internally at Microsoft is getting re-branded to XNA. Yikes!

    Dare O. has been saying the same kind of thing on his blog for a while now. Maybe you can all gather round lake Bill and chant "Hey hey, ho ho, that damn Live brand has got to go!"

  • Scoble, Please Read This

    PaoloM wrote:
    Last I checked, Google doesn't sell anything, so how could they have marketshare?


    Google Appliance?

    errrr, Google pens? Tongue Out

  • Scoble, Please Read This

    Rory wrote:
    Now, what I was wondering was why Scoble didn't link back to my post in response to his.

    After all, he's the one who advocates conducting the "conversation" via posts rather than comments.

    What I've learned is that the conversation is actually a speech - it's one way. He wants you to link to him, but he doesn't want anybody to see what you've written. He doesn't link to the strong arguments against his (such as mine, if you don't mind a little lack of himility).

    Bingo, he doesn't want a conversation. He linked to me just because I said I wasn't subscribed to his blog anymore. He missed the entire point of the post, which was that Techmeme is mis-named and should be called TechBizMeme, just to puff his videos and link blog up and try to prove how wrong I was about not reading his blog. If he links to you then he doesn't get to control and spin the "conversation".

    But hell, Shelley Powers called this a year ago the LAST time I mentioned that I didn't subscribe to Scoble.

    "Most of all, lately you’ve been demanding that we do this and do that–outrageous. And then when people just plain disagree, you call it a flame.

    I don’t think you want dialog. I don’t think you want conversation. And I don’t think you really care about the flames as long as the buzz is still there."

    I noticed that he linked to the PodTech site a total of 3 times in those two posts on Rorys site. His link blog twice. It's all about spreading the links around to soak up the Google juice.

  • ‘Microsoft sucks’, says top blogger

    As far as Microsoft not delivering on Internet Services. I guess it depends on what an internet service is.

    Personally, I think SoapBox is a well-executed video sharing site. I think it performs better than YouTube and the UI is nicer than YouTube. YouTube is functional.

    In fact, as much as it smacks of corporate nepotism and NIH syndrome, I'd suggest creating a Channel 9 channel on Soapbox and uploading the content there, as well as using the Soapbox embedded player on here.

  • Scoble, Please Read This

    MrJay wrote:
     Now are you honestly going to tell me that these guys live and work in an area like Redmond, Washington for one of the richest companies in the world and they aren't bringing in at least 100K a year including benefits?

    I live and work in Seattle, WA and I make less than 100K a year. I bought a house in the city, I have two cars. I even have a child. Housing is more expensive in Redmond because of all the retired Softies McMansions. But apartments and houses in Kirkland, Bothel, Bellevue, Seattle, Issaquah and other places within commuting distance to Redmond aren't that expensive. In fact, they were about on par with what I was paying in Albuquerque and Santa Fe NM.

    You can live here on less than 100K/year. You can live nicely here on less than 100K/year. I have a friend renting a house in Ballard, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Seattle, who is an indie Flash developer.

    Last I checked, and I *do* check, Microsoft pays about 80%-85% of the market rate for developers. That may be old data though.

  • Quake3 in only 98kb?

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    Krieger Beta Demo Download

    If anybody actually knows how the heck this is done in under 100K, please tell me!

    If I remember correctly, aside from the generated textures (which is really where the size of a lot of games comes from) it also used the new pixel shading API's in the newer video cards . Well, new for the time they were released.

  • Digg: who owns it? (ms should?)

    jamie wrote:
    it could control the echosystem of a true best of content to top network

    That is the most descriptive typo for the gigantic, ego-driven circle-jerk that is the blogosphere/top-content-provider realm that I have ever seen. "echosystem".

    bought by mammoth = death of digg. The only thing it holding it in the top position it is in now is the fact that it's run by "mavericks" who "don't work for the man". Once they "sell out", the only comments you'll see there will be ones bemoaning how much better Digg was before they "sold out".

    P.S. Fark.com was doing the whole "votes drive the links to the main page" thing WAYYYYYY before Digg.

  • Oh My God an MVP! [MSDN Forums related]

    I posted this reply in the MSDN forum, but I'll post it here for posterity too.

    Look at this code snippet and the resulting IL.

            static void Main(string[] args) {
                String foo = String.Empty;
                string foo2 = string.Empty;

    .method private hidebysig static void  Main(string[] args) cil managed
      // Code size       13 (0xd)
      .maxstack  8
      IL_0000:  ldsfld     string [mscorlib]System.String::Empty
      IL_0005:  pop
      IL_0006:  ldsfld     string [mscorlib]System.String::Empty
      IL_000b:  pop
      IL_000c:  ret
    } // end of method Program::Main

  • Thinking of picking up DS-Lite, Recommended Games?

    If you like sports, Madden 07 on the DS is great.

    You'll laugh at me, but for $20 "Cooking Mama" is a GREAT quick game. Zoo Keeper is just like Bejeweled but with stylized zoo animals and  a couple of new rules. If you played Animal Crossing on the GC, you already know what to expect on the DS.

    Some of the old RPGs for the GBA are great, Golden Sun, Riva, Tactics Ogre, it all depends on what you like.

    Big downside, the DS WiFi doesn't work with WPA, WEP only. So I have yet to go online with my DS. I'll probably spring for the DS Wifi adapter at some point, tired of entering in big hex strings into Windows WiFi settings and trying to connect with my DS. .

  • Pirillo says "Vista will double Apple's Market Share"

    Not quite true. ReiserFS is not a transactional file system. It is a journaling file system, similar in a way, but different. A journaling file system, well, journals what actions are being taken so that they can be rolled back if need be. However, a transactional file system like TxF (the nickname for Transactional NTFS) is fully transactional, as in fully ACID transactions.

    De-lurking for a second. My understanding of Reiser4 is that it IS fully transactional, however it hasn't been integrated into the latest Linux kernel and there isn't an API for user-defined transactions in VFS. but ReiserFS itself does support user-defined transactions. I could have sworn that some of the old mainframe FS were transactional, but I can't find anything to support that assumption.

    If it makes anyone feel better, kernel-level transactional support is, in my mind, the first step towards WinFS. DLinq is a step in the ObjectSpaces direction (do we need another data-mapper for .NET?).

    ZFS does rule, but you can't boot from it yet. Sun says they are going to add it in "late 2006". ZFS supports COW transactions, which means that it does the Apple "Time Machine"/Windows Shadow copy type snapshotting by default.

    (edit: Well, shoot. Jason already said most of what I was going to say about ZFS. The last file system I really dealt with at the bits level was on my Commodore 64 floppy disk so my depth of knowledge is at the kiddy-pool level)