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  • Ping 222: MSN Preview, Siri vs. Cortana, Minecraft hits Xbox One, OneDrive, Apps for Office Workers, E.T cartridges

    +1 on Satya Nadella's office


  • Kinect for Windows

    Some of the links from the video as they havn't been posted.

    Kinect Common Bridge : https://aka.ms/KCBv2

    PreOrder V2 sensor : https://aka.ms/K4Wv2preorder

    V2 Training : https://aka.ms/K4Wv2Jumpstart

  • Duality and the End of Reactive

    @Fabio Galuppo: Don't drink too much of the typesafe coolaide :) While I love what they are doing, I am not so fond of their attempt to pervert associations like Reactive == Actor, Actor == Typesafe therefore Reactive == Typesafe. Reactive is much bigger than that. Rx plays his part, which we are all super grateful to Erik (and Bart et.al) for giving us. Rx is cross platform now thanks to continued work from MS, Erik and Guys like Ben at Netflix.

    Another point, this is a canned presentation. It is a well planned and executed and has been performed at other conferences. The firing analogy works well for it's purpose (comedy, marketing stunt and conveying knowledge). In my experience, off stage Erik is a very sweet and passionate person.

    Thanks for sharing, explaining and moderating Charles. Keep it up!

  • Event processing at all scales with Reactive Extensions

    Bart rocks.

    @scyonx, If you are looking for some help on Current Best practices in the industry when using Rx, look over to ReativeTrader from the crew at Adaptive. There will be more in the way of blogs from them soon too. If you want anything more specific, I imagine you could just get in contact with them


  • MVVM Best Practices

    Thanks Brian.

    I thought this would be another mis-guided discussion on MVVM and some dogmatic views and misunderstanding between Prism and MVVM. I was pleasantly surprised. I agree with most of what you have said here.

    In my experience, what many WPF devs are missing is the next 40-60min of this discussion.

    • What is a Model?
    • How should I inject my dependencies?
    • How do I keep my UI responsive?
    • How do unit test my ViewModel and Model (while still having code that keeps it responsive)?
    • Does everything have to be a View, a ViewModel or a Model? Do I have to Suffix everything with these distinctions? i.e. you use Person, Would your real project be PersonView, PersonViewModel & PersonModel? What if my Person(Model) is a graph that has Addresses/Favorites/Basket etc hanging off of it; are these models too? Should they all be suffixed with "Model"? 
    • How does DDD fit in with MVVM.


    Would enjoy seeing a show with this level of Q&A happening (i.e. the actual questions that come up in any Enterprise MVVM app after the first hour of coding).

    Again good job. 



  • Web Essentials 2013 Preview

    26:30 The general argument I have heard against regions is that (in C#) if you class is so big you need regions, you are doing it wrong. The exception I see for this is CustomControls in WPF/SL.

  • Web Essentials 2013 Preview

    15:15 "that not the way XAML would do it!" true, the first value is the Left value not the Top as per CSS. However your point as to a 3 value margin is wrong. XAML only supports 1, 2 or 4 values. 3 is not allowed. For 1 value; all sides get that margin, 2 values First value is Left&Right Second value is Top& bottom, 4 Values; Left, Top, Right, Bottom.

    Big Smile  

  • C++ and Beyond 2012: Herb Sutter - C++ Concurrency

    Concurrent<T> looks very similar to the EventLoopScheduler in the Reactive Extension library (Rx). Nice feature to have the Thread.Join in the destruction. Also nice to get the result back in a future, however .NET would just use Tasks<T> for this. Scheduling is a slightly different problem space, better suited for the fire and forget problem like the logging example.

    Good session as usual


    .NET dev,  but interested in what ever Herb says Smiley

  • Ping 161: Scroogled, Xbox sales, Windows Store wins, IE 10 trolls

    IE was the best browser from v4.5 to v6 (or 1998 to 2004/5)
    Paul is spot on, IE6-9 was a really poor experience compared to Google's Chrome and FF.
    M$ marketing budget maybe wasted here. First make sure IE actually doesn't suck any more (maybe it doesn't but my fingers have been burnt), next gain a natural following by having a product that doesn't suck.
    The only people marketing will work on are the people who cant make the critical analysis for themselves, these are the people that will have just used IE all along because it comes with windows.
    The only way to get a loyal following back, is from a quality product....and time (for those old wounds to heal) Smiley
    I want IE to be good (like .NET, Win8, SQL Server, WP, XBox). Installing Chrome is a pain in the rear, just less of a pain than using IE.

  • Bart De Smet: Rx 2.0 RTM and RTW

    @Minh You can also get the zero-to-hero guidance from www.IntroToRx.com. If it doesn't provide what you need then (as you sound like the target audience) then we will try harder for version 2 of the book/site, if you provide the feedback.

  • NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti Graphics Card: Affordable Graphics Powerhouse

    These quick videos are perfect. Keep them coming. 

  • Defrag: Season 2, Mapped Drive Not Connecting, RAID 0 with SSD's

    Sorry to hear you dont like Win8/Metro as much some others. The swing for me was when some one (I think in a c9 video) said, 'Oh yeah, Metro is just the Start menu but more powerful'. *penny drop*!

    You totally can kick back to desktop (which is where I spend most of my time). All the old tricks are still there, my fav being WinKey+"anything" to search for "anything".

    I am loving Win8 and think the guys at MS have done a great job.

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