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A Microsoft Certified Professional with over fifteen years software development experience gained in many differing development environments from small and medium sized companies to large corporations.

Has a keen interest in technology as a whole but specialises in web development, technical architecture, SOA, and building solutions based on Microsoft's .Net Framework and Microsoft's SharePoint Server platform.


  • What's New In C# 6.0

    Static using is for me useless. This just creating chaos in code.

    I agree this can only detract from readability, it's a pretty pointless feature if you ask me.

    But I welcome the other changes, I really like exception filters and lambda expression bodies.

  • Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint Online has REST endpoints with Mat Velloso

    Wow, way to understate SharePoint there!

    I see what he is saying about everything being a list but SharePoint is an enterprise platform with numerous service applications from enterprise search to business connectivity services. Theres alot more to it than just a backing store with some lists.

    Anyway I'm kind of glad MS are going this way with SP and moving towards falling in line with the rest of the industry in their approach to web application architecture.


  • Day 1 Keynote

    I think Windows 8 is great on the desktop and 8.1 just makes things even better. However I'm still not convinced that a Windows tablet is better than an iPad for what most people use it for.

    Saying that MS are definitely on the right track with the fully functioning touch devices with full Windows, we just need the hardware to catch up a little and their shouldn't be a need for two separate devices in the future. However the technology just isn't there yet, I just hope MS doesn't abandon the idea and follow their recent trend of changing direction.

    I like the way that MS think that the on screen keyboard is great with the type ahead feature.  Have they even looked at the Google Keyboard with their swipe functionality or even SwiftKey? Miles ahead.

  • Developing a Windows Store app

    , BitCrazed wrote

    Holy cow! I think something went wrong with the audio encoding on these videos - sound is totally overdriven.

    Shame since this is a great session!

    The sound is awful and makes the video a complete headache to listen to.

  • Anders Hejlsberg: Introducing TypeScript

    I think what alot of people complaining about are missing is the fact that most developers who are stuck within the Microsoft development stack and don't really look beyond it just open up Visual Studio and use whatever Microsoft puts in front of them.

    I don't think this is created to fix or replace Javascript but to allow developers to work on Javascript code and be A) more productive and B) safer in the use of the language i.e. not getting themselves in trouble with dynamically typed languages.

    We forget that there are many many developers out there that just want to build LOB applications the quickest and safest way possible.

    I like the fact that it compiles down to standard Javascript and if developers adopt TypeScript then they are not stuck with alot of code that Microsoft might abandon several years down the line (*cough* Silverlight *cough*).

    Anyway I think it looks cool to me, I personally prefer statically typed languages and adding type safety (at compiler level not runtime) makes me happier.  I work mainly with back end enterprise applications and I see alot of rubbish javascript, I'm not saying Typescript is the answer to this but it might help a little.

    Anyway I don't think this is necessary a bad thing just another way of getting things done within the MS ecosystem.

  • Crouching Admin, Hidden Hacker: Techniques for Hiding and Detecting Traces


  • London Niners: Tour, Drinks and Debate

    irascian wrote:
    Well that was embarrassing.

    Just in case anyone's interested the Larkware site that Dave mentioned (which each day summarises interesting stuff found on the web for .NET developers) can be found here: http://www.larkware.com/ - definitely worth subscribing to their feed and checking the daily update if you're a .NET developer.
    Cheers for that link good site, I've read a few books by Mike Gunderloy.
  • London Niners: Tour, Drinks and Debate

    Oh how many times I've been pissed in that pub Smiley