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  • C9 Lectures: Stephan T. Lavavej - Standard Template Library (STL), 1 of n

    Great subject for a video series. STL is fantastic & powerful but also daunting at first (most documentation reads like a degree-level maths textbook), so anything which makes STL more accessible to more programmers gets my thumbs up.


    Re error messages, the LLVM project seems to be doing some good things in that space, though I don't know if its "working out what the programmer intended" feats extend to templates. Definitely some good ideas there, either way.


    Re "upgrade or die" for VS, I agree to some degree but I think it's too early to expect people to move to VS2010. It's a big task to move large/complex projects to VS2010.


    (And, to be blunt, it feels unfinished; we're sticking with VS2008 for the time being, even though we've got our stuff building in VS2010 and though I'd love to start using some of the new C++0x features today. Don't know if others feel that way -- perhaps we just happened to run into several bugs/annoyances/missing features that are atypical -- but it added up to "let's wait for an update" for us. Shipping the IDE minus a proper help browser (when there were apparently two in development but unfinished) was a big indicator. Plug-ins seem to be appearing which fill the holes, though.)


    It's fine for a series like this to use VS2010 features, though. They are interesting and even if you don't yet use VS2010 as your day-to-day IDE you can still watch the video and can also have VS2010 installed (as I do) if you want to try things out. Plus this video series will remain relevant long after everyone (except those die-hards who will never leave VC6 Smiley ) is using VS versions that support the new features.