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  • Scott Guthrie: Silverlight and the ​Cross-​Platform CLR

    I've seen something of WPF and a little of the former WPF/e but I've not worked with it directly yet so I've got a couple of questions (and some of these may be born of ignorance of what the platform is trying to offer);

    • Are many/any of the changes made to the Silverlight CLR coming back into the main CLR - I assume you're not going to be cutting out those colour structs but where code was altered for size was this passed on? Will we see the full .net runtime download reduce in size somewhat?
    • Will a 'full fat' version of the CLR be made available for the Mac? (with VS support)
    • Can we develop applications in visual studio in a silverlight compatible mode; i.e make certain aspects of the codebase silverlight compatible but still (for example) has Windows Services, applications and web applications in the same solution.
    • In fact what are the deployment options like on a Silverlight app? can XAML be compiled into the application; are we talking about a single dll type object (equivalent to a SWF?), multiple ones? Can we dynamically load in code as required? Or even emit it?
    • You say there's a network stack; does that mean things like remoting (I presume there will be support for web services -WCF?). Has any thought gone into interop with full .net?
    • Is it fair to say that Silverlight is a superset of the compact framework - or do we have another subtly different set of features available?

      I haven't watched the screencasts yet but I'll make an effort to watch a few later - I must admit this technology looks more interesting than I first thought.