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  • Seventeen Minutes With Bill

    If anyone cares about the rules of emailing Bill Gates, I have emailed him 10 times and figured out what gets in and what does not. First off, your email address should have a verifiable name, no aliases. It should not contain attachments. It should not have links in it to anything to do with Microsoft's software. Do not mention his company's software because the filters consider that soliciting feature requests or feedback. You are twice as likely to go through with a Hotmail account than any other service. If you have a Gmail account, every time you are denied, you will be notified. If you have a hotmail account, the only time you are notified is when you mention a name of any Microsoft product.Expressionless The first 8 times I emailed him, I failed to get a response. Sad The ninth time, I got Keith Loeber of Microsoft Learning. Perplexed The tenth time, I am still waiting to see what happens, since it typically takes 3-5 days for anything to come back from the Microsoft servers. [C] I had to turn off my alias and use my real name in order for it to get through the first filter. Tongue Out I bet Gates does not even check his Junk Email folder in Outlook since it is a pain to go through it. Cool If he did, many people who email him would get a response. But, he probably does not do that.... Just some rules for people to know if they want to try to email Bill Gates....[A]