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  • Developing Neural Networks Using Visual Studio

    Any chance you'll mention the "Context Engine" ?! or possibly discuss the DNN's you have powering the bing servers ?! :)

  • Erik Meijer - Functional Programming From First Principles

    After you watch Erics great talk take time to read this patent "TYPE SYSTEM SUPPORT FOR MEMORY ISOLATION PERMISSIONS"  - lots of what he mentions in his talk is in this patent, side-effects and all Smiley

  • Sharpening your Metro C#/XAML projects with DirectX and SharpDX

    Here is another demo of achieving "Lighting effects" in your XAML/C# SharpDx metro app ..



  • Windows Phone 7 Demo: Twitter

    This just highlights how each dev needs to find ways to distinguish there app from others. So if your building a twitter app, you gotta have good design and great addon services to compete.. Simple!

  • Pete Blois on Windows Phone 7 in Blend 4 and Rooler

    rooler is awesome, completely forgot about this since building my new system. Just installed it on my spanking new win7 iMac 27".


    BTW rooler is 666kb.  Might want to add a file or two just to change that size Smiley

  • Erik Meijer and Team: Cloud Data ​Programmabi​lity - Connecting the Distributed Dots

    Hi great post, Im a silverlight guy and everything your talking about definetely interests me. What is it actually that does the tier-splitting, and what is volta? Isnt that the live labs RIA technology announced 3 years ago in 2007. Sounds like it's comming back ?


    Is this a particular product or is it something sitting in labs still? Sorry for these questions im just trying to understand what the state is of what you guys are discussing.


    What really interests me is the Client Retargeting & the Tiering-Splitting on the server. They made sense BUT i was confused as to how these things exist interms of products.

  • Ethan Jackson - BAM - Cloud Computing with Models

    I am really loving this technology. Ive been looking at ways to build my cloud apps and most of them have been very tedious, but Ehan's approach seems so elegant and im all about code synthesis as I want to spend all my time building out UI's. Having the cloud be generated for me lets me concentrate on building out the UI, im hoping..


    Im honestly looking forward to getting my hands on BAM, need early testers Smiley

  • Windows Scenic Animation Overview

    To all the trolls that are already bagging this solution out...

    - If you want to do animations in a webpage use Silverlight
    - If you want t do cool animations in a business type app where the users system is managed use WPF
    - If you want to do cool animations in an existing native application that you have  or are building a new native application that requires cool animtions , and the target system doesnt have a managed environment then use these api's (windows scenic animation api's)

    The only issue I have is if they completely change the method of defining these animations.

    Silverlight is very close to WPF - very similar implementations of the "storyboard"
    Windows Scenic animations seem to be following the same semantics "storyboard", but untill I actually see the code I'll reserve my judgement.

    As long as I can leverage my skillset to define animations, via storybords, once and reuse it across technologies then I'll be a happy boy. BUT if they've reinvented the storyboard just for Windows Scenic Animations then that will definetely upset me.

    I'll wait till more detailed videos come out.. . BUT love it so far..

    PS RHM and SpikedThree, WPF PixelShaders are a game changing technology that in time will bring the Windows OS to the level of MacOS, probably beyond. We just need to educate designers and developers how to use these new graphic technologies..

  • Roz Ho: Reflections On Leadership and Believing in Yourself

    what a very inspiring lady. From the outside looking in, it's great to see MS heading in the right direction led by people like roz...
  • Manuvir Das: Introducing Windows Azure

    In my opinion the standout statement in that video went something like this, forgive me ill be paraphrasing  a bit... "... Azure will do for the cloud what windows did for the desktop ..."

    So true.. well done to everyone that was involved in this project!

  • Tara Prakriya: Solution Architect

    Very impressed with Tara, great episode and definetely someone to watch out for in the future.

    I would love to see Tara move onto the Silverlight product and help to evolve that over the next several years!
  • C# 4.0: Meet the Design Team

    I have nothing but awe for these guys, such pure thinkers.

    One thing i want to say regarding a point they were discussing around how does a general purpose programmer (GPP) get up to speed with new features, in particular the parallelism problem. I would have to put my hand up and say that i am a GPP and that ever since C# 3 i have been struggling to keep up to date with alot of the new features . It's been a year since i started heavily using features like linq and lambda's, anon types, object/col initializers etc and im just getting the hang of them. The point im trying to make is that not everyone will make the transition to fully understanding these new features, what is required in todays world are teams of developers that have strong skills in some areas and a mediocre understanding in other areas eg. when recruiting for team members, whilst it's great to get people that have great understanding of all c# features  it's near impossible to find anyone that fits that skillset. So we go for people that compliment other peoples skills.

    With parallelism, when it finally makes it into C# i forsee people that specialize in parallel coding (just like in the days of threaded programing), if we need that skill in our team then we'll hire skilled people that understand it well, and these people will balance out the other people that don't know it at all (and probably don't need to know it). Not everyone will be able to take that leap into parallel programming and I honestly believe not everyone should need to make that jump.

    My days and remaining braincells are spent on Silverlight & WPF, but what cells i have free is dedicated to DLR Smiley

    Great talk guys, and looking forward to the next interview!
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