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  • Ping 190: Surface 2, SteveB's Last Song, iPhone Trade-in, and Apps Sharing Limits

    So... First thanks for discussing Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. I can't wait to get my hands on one. Second, can I have a soapbox please?

    Let's talk connectables. The DJ thing is impressive. I only hope that they'll create some kind of developer version. Something like a blank slate and allows someone to customize key layout and actually try them out. Followed by being able to custom order a "printed" version, with the layout a developer created.

    Now let's talk about what should be non-connectables. Or the docking station. Is it me, or should the docking station disappear with the PC era. How is it not possible to provide a "landing pad" of sorts for a tablet? Something that connects my monitors, network, extra CPU, peripherals and power but I need to do nothing but set my tablet down on the "landing pad" to charge and connect, like a docking station. I'm basically looking to get rid of the song and dance to "dock" something. Physically connecting, pushing this or that, or blowing on the connectors like a Nintendo cartridge from the 80's has got to go!

    If you would be so kind to pass this off to Microsoft Research. Thanks in advanced!

  • Ping 189: Kinect SDK, MSFT Stock Buyback, Romance Games, IE11 on Win7

    , PaulMest wrote

    How quickly the communal knowledge of this show's history fades!


    Oh Paul, we didn't forget about you. At the very least we should retire your jersey or something. Although, don't recall you having a signature color shirt like red or orange. Can we retire a limited edition Niner? Maybe a Niner holding a trombone?

    How about reprising your role in another edition of Boys without Foys? Maybe give us a taste of how Mythly Studios is doing. If you do come back for Boys without Foys, bring one of those new sexy Surface 2's to show off. Would like to see some real video of how Windows 8.1 RT responds on it.

  • Ping 189: Kinect SDK, MSFT Stock Buyback, Romance Games, IE11 on Win7

    Hello... Hello... Hello... Hello...

    Echo... Echo... Echo... Echo...

    Pretty quiet in here. Anyways, who is Paul? And why would he come back?

    Can we change the green screen with pink? I think Pink hair would look better on Ms. Foy. Here I was thinking the green hair was a result of either a bad monitor, or the Ping logo in the background.

    So IE11 is faster... At this point each version, since IE6, has carried the "Is Faster" flag. Has the speed reached a speed in which a page loads as I click, versus after I click? That would be cool.

    Oh, topic for next please = Surface 2 release. I have some comments I would like to make already about the docking station. So make it happen cap'n!


  • Ping 159: SkyDrive, SmartGlass, Skype takes over, Microsoft reinvents itself

    Mythly plug! I love it. $5 please for my marketing services. Or a niner, whatever works for you.

    Also I agree about Xbox Glass pointing/swiping difference. Has anyone notice a similar issue with the Skype app? When you use the rear camera, the image is backwards in the "view finder".


  • Ping 157: Gamerscore rewards, Rap & MS, New music service, Bing's blind testing

    laura is sooo carrying this show now that we only have virtual paul left

    I really want to watch the episode where they are both virtual. With some random guy/girl pushing a broom trying to figure out what it is they're talking about. That way we can still have someone throwing Niners at the camera for the wrap-up. Maybe they can shot that one when Laura is in NYC for Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 launch events are taking place.

  • Ping 157: Gamerscore rewards, Rap & MS, New music service, Bing's blind testing

    Oh, perhaps Paul should close his window blinds to reduce glare, paint a wall to give it some color, maybe tan or gingerbread, and add some overhead lighting for better camera clarity. He should also think about a better microphone too.

    Gingerbread is an actual color, not a reference to an old Android version.

    I kinda prefer the colors bagel and pancake. Though Azure blue might be more Microsoft-esk. However you might prefer a shameful plug of your new venture, by hanging a logo and url for people to see. (It's all about marketing.)

  • Ping 156: Bing Maps, SQL database update, Kinect in the movies, Coding marathon

    Actually I was thinking that Paul was really using an Alpha version of the Office 365 video chat. (Formerly known as Skype.) But hey, Microsoft buying Apple is more plausible. Wink

    OR how about this...

    He was actually using the new Nokia 920 Windows 8 Phone and the image stabilization feature is so good that his girlfriend was actually holding it, instead of using a tripod. Though I'm not sure if you can use a wired headset with a phone... Just glad you picked a non-moving, anti-reflective, background to shoot with.

  • Ping 156: Bing Maps, SQL database update, Kinect in the movies, Coding marathon

    Hrmm?? What happened to the Skype logo...

    [Queue the rumor mill]!

  • Ping 155: Skype it, Phone Specs, Xbox interactive, Win8 Keyboard


    Paul isn't sun bathing on the beach with movie stars. He's on a boat! "Take a good hard look at the [battle yacht money] boat". ( Maybe T-Pain and Adam Sandburg are present, idk.


    Good luck on the start-up! Maybe the Bing Fund can help. (See Ping episode 147)

  • Ping 154: Wireless charging, Bing it on, Microsoft China, Paul is leaving Microsoft

    Paul, best of luck!

    Laura, I'm available if you're looking for a co-host.

  • Ping 150: BUILD, Office 13, Windows Phone dev portal, NFL & Microsoft

    Please add this definition to Foy's new Office 13 dictionary lookup app.

    Battle Yacht Money:

    1. > 50 Cent

    2. < One Hundred BILLION DOLLARS

    3. = Enough money to produce the next 'Boys without Foys' episode.

  • Defrag - Page File Needed, Image Tags, Fast Gaming PC

    Did I miss something? My Bing homepage doesn't look like the one in this video. (And I don't mean because it's a different day than when it aired.) I'm looking at the bar below the main image. It's larger and appears to rotate through images. Is this a future feature?

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