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  • Scott Swanson - MSN Messenger APIs

    SlackmasterK wrote:
    Perhaps my perceptions about the connection between Messenger and Messenger were incorrect. However, one command into the run box to me is faster than opening preferences, policy editors, registry editors, or CP applets.  The MSN IM client, upon Windows default installation, comes with pop-up balloons and an extraneous systray icon, while stifling efforts to close it by re-opening itself next boot or next time Outlook is opened.  Deleting it causes it to re-appear next boot more often than not.  It's just a bit of an annoyance.

    I use TweakUI to get rid of the balloons. I could use Group Policy editor, but TweakUI has a much better UI and it doesn't have a really hard to find set of options, the options are right in front of you.

  • Clipster is here!

    Can anyone fix up the ShowClips page? It looks really wierd with the "test" clips and the seemingly random sorting.

    Then again I guess we can say this Clipster feature is in beta. A few changes like what I mention above and the ability to have this on non-IE browsers would probably bump it into final release mode.  

    Overall you rock 9Team (especially Chadam for making it Smiley) This gives us dialup users a chance to watch the most interesting parts of the videos without breaching the bandwidth limit (for long), not forgetting to mention the huge amount of user interaction that goes along with this feature as well.

    Really nice stuff Big Smile
  • A thank you to the Niners! (The Channel 9 Song)

    "Video Length: 00:00:00"  (at the bottom left of the C9Team's initial post) Nice work Wink Hmmmm it also says that the initial post got 14 replies (bottom right of the initial post) when it actually got 28. It seems to be counting how many people replied to the initial post but not the total posts in this thread. On the initial post, there is no Ink Reply, next to the Reply button, Why?

    Very good video, I can't believe how many people you've had on Channel 9 to do a video... Really good work C9Team Big Smile Now go have a holiday! Cool

    Holiday! Holiday! Holiday!
  • Channel 9 Team - Welcome to our new design

    jeffsand wrote:
    amotif wrote: Hmm... no C9Park tag? Seems like a major oversight...

    Ooh Good one!

    Now that we have a photo library would you all mind if we created place for you to submit C9Parks?


    Wouldn't mind? I'd love it! Jamie is going to have to make heaps more (and so will Minh Smiley)

    Hmmmm... C9's redesign *drools* Big Smile
  • Jason Flaks - What is Windows Media Connect?

    scobleizer wrote:
    Studios did the title in the video. I did the interview. Flaks is it.

    Do you only have one microphone?
    Is there one built into the camera?
    I'm asking because on your last question, it sounded so quiet I had to turn all the settings on my speakers to full. even then I had to get my ear really close to the speaker. If there is only one Microphone and it's on the interviewee, can you please speak up next time so the viewers can hear you or get a second microphone?
    If there is a microphone built into the camera can you please speak into it when you are speaking? It helps a lot when I'm making a transcript of the video or are just watching it.

    That would be a great amount of help Smiley
  • PDC05 Road Trip - Episode 3

    I don't know about the rest of you but I found this last video to be funny... Wierd, but still funny Smiley I hope they make another set of these vids for next year's PDC, IMO I think they will have another one because of the launch of WinVI or at least they should just so C9 guy can be in some more videos.

    Maybe I should make a transcript of this video Wink

    I want an episode 4! or do it Star Wars style and make an Episode -1, Episode -2 and Episode -3 The preludes Smiley
  • Jason Flaks - What is Windows Media Connect?

    Hey Channel9 Team, you posted Jason's last name as "Flaks" but in the video it is "Flacks" which one is it? Also who did this video? You've got some explaining to do! Smiley

    Video transcript here,

  • PDC05 Buzzcast #6 - Stuart Celarier on BOFs at PDC

    NeoTOM wrote:
    Stuart C? That uptight "OMFG STOP USING CALVIN & HOBBES STRIPS" guy?

    The one and only.

    Stuart C is a disgrace to Microsoft for making Scoble delete that thread... Heck, there are threads about terrorism and threads with no meaning and he decides to delete a thread which has a joke on it? Heh.

    OMFG with a bit of BBQ on the side.
  • PDC05 Road Trip - Episode 2

    The 9Team have hit the jackpot, this C9 Guy video road trip has got to be the funniest internet video I've ever seen Big Smile (Possibly includes TV, but most certainly not movies... Wayne's World, Wayne's World party time, every day *guitar music here*)

    Nothing Suss!

  • PDC05 Buzzcast #5 - A short update on contests

    This is a fake double post to test stuff.

    EDIT: Fine it doesn't work. Charles could you please at least remove those WMA file link and MP3 file link forms? They tempt me so much Wink Also, sorry to the other dev I don't know your name so I'm addressing Charles, hopefully in time you'll relise how annoying I can get with the constant bug reports Smiley

    Hopefully this test works.
  • PDC05 Buzzcast #5 - A short update on contests

    Hey thanks for turning down the background music. Could you turn it up at the end of the Buzzcast indicating that the end of the Buzzcast is near? I don't know if you do this in this Buzzcast since I haven't listened to it yet but it would be nice if you did it in future Buzzcasts because I'm used to hearing the background music start or get louder at the end from other Podcasts.

    Fix me Charles Smiley EDIT: Hmmmmmm ignore that...
    EDIT2: Charles, reply to the initial post, I can link to WMA and MP3 files, although it didn't seem to work in this post.

    The PDC05 Buzzcast,
  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO

    Steve Ballmer is the biggest freak I have ever seen. What the hell is up with that guy? His energy is shocking. He's like a kid trapped in a fat guy's body.
    I wish he would go fully bold though, that Mr Burns hair cut isn't doing him any good. "Halo 3" eh? Pretty sweet. Too bad you couldn't show us the view out the Windows, maybe a Buzzcast would be better next time Wink You should've acted as if you turned off the camera but left it recording and asked him what he truely thinks of Bill Gates...

    "Who's Bill Gates?" - Steve Ballmer.