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Loadsgood Loadsgood What is your answer?
  • 5 Windows Live Messenger Invitations (0 LEFT)

    Give out and get your Windows Live Messenger (WLM) invites here.

    Glad to see C9 spreading the love [A]

  • Nick @ MSN

    I found that via Google, basically it holds the statistics for zone.msn.com MSN's own gaming site. As well as other things...

    Here are the team members emails for those wanting to know who to fire because of this security leak: http://nick.zone.com/email.txt

    So many punches on Microsoft's security Perplexed

  • Game$ People Pay - msn 6.2

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO, its a wierd guy in a helmet named Loadsgood! Dun de de dun...

    "Fellow C9 posters do not fear I have the perfect solution to all your free games needs..."

    No this is not an AD. You weirdoes who think, MSN games = having to pay money. Well your wrong the true statement is MSN games = NOT having to pay money. No this is not a hack you will not have to do without features at all. You don't even use MSN Messenger (With ads) 6.2. All you need is a Hotmail account (.NET passport)  and your on your way to free checkers and a great way to meet people.

    I, my good C9 friends, am talking about "don de de don"

    www.zone.com its a site made by MSN where you can chat to people and play games like checkers and all those other board games and COMPLETLY FREE.You can chat to people (mostly people in the USA) No catches all you have to get is an ad/popup blocker (If you don't have one already) and your on your way to complete and utter freedom, adless and having to pay $0.00 Smiley

  • Great Vegas Site

    Hurry up C9 Team, delete this spam thread before it is too late!

    The eyes! They burn! They burn!

  • Happy Holidays from Channel 9 team to you

    Thankyou C9 Team Big Smile Now if only there was a present I could send you Wink

    Any news for things happening next year? Bug fixes? Wiki upgrading? 2006 themed emoticons? C9 user made polls? Competitions?
    Anything? Big Smile

    Happy Holidays? What happened to Merry Christmas and Happy New Year?

    Nearly 2 years of C9 madness,

  • Understandi​ng other people's large projects?

    Rossj wrote:
    Everyone is different, but that works for me and I've been taking on big projects for a while, the latest is ~50,000 LOC and two databases (with a homebuilt ORM).  I still don't know everyline of code but if you wanted features adding or bugs fixed I'd know where to look.

    What does ORM mean? Oh and that's some good advice you are giving there Smiley

    50,000? Expressionless

  • Why are error messages ​unselectabl​e?

    PaoloM wrote:
    Ctrl+C (Copy) works with all the dialogs and message boxes from Windows and most of Microsoft apps.

    This works also on 3rd party software if they use the standard dialog library.

    That is really cool Smiley I never knew all I had to do was Ctrl+C on any message box. Thanks Big Smile

    You learn something new everyday, that's my newly learnt thing for today.

  • a little weekend reading

    I found out from AMD that they will be releasing hard copies of these manuals in Q1 of next year for promotional purposes, hopefully I'll be quick enough to grab one Smiley

    Thanks for the 16bit asm link Smiley

  • Wanted to share my profile but can't :-)

    SlackmasterK wrote:
    No, it's stay POUND!  ... Stay number?  Hmmm.....

    If only there were some resource for this language barrier... How sharp would one have to be to figure this one out... Much contemplation to follow.

    I always call it hash, except when I'm refering to the language C# then I pronounce it 'See Sharp'. Pound just sounds too wierd.

    My being an Aussie, I'm supposed to say that gaol is a prison, but that is too wierd for my liking also so I go with jail.

    Anyway, maybe all special characters should be banned from being used when signing up to the C9 website, or not.

  • a little weekend reading

    martin_lovick wrote:
    I believ that you can download the IA64 equivelents as pdf (I dont think hard copy is available) ....dunno about AMD

    What about 16Bit architecture? It would be interesting to have a laugh at the old technology Wink

    EDIT: I found some PDFs of AMD 64 Bit architecture here. I haven't found any hard copies though (unless you want to print the PDFs).

    Searching... Searching...