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  • What’s New in Visual Studio 2013 for C++ Developers

    The video cuts out just as he starts answering questions. Sad

  • Daniel Moth: Blazing-fast code using GPUs and more, with C++ AMP

    Nice work, looking forward to hearing more about this. 
    A few questions regarding how restrict(direct3d) is intended to work:

    • Are functions marked with restrict(direct3d) still callable from CPU functions?
    • If a machine does not have a DX 11 capable device is there an implicit multi-core SSE fall back?
    • How will versioning of the direct3d restrictions be handled when DirectX 12 comes out?
  • Microsoft's Commitment to C++

    I think you need to re-evaluate what constitutes a large VC++ sln. Our medium size apps are ~120 projects not 50. Please, before adding more features to VC, consider fixing the following existing features:

    Local variables in the debugger
    Waiting until the ‘next release’ for this fix is unacceptable.

    Go to Definition
    This feature does not work for projects of any significant size. Actual example of using this feature: In a class header. Select go to definition for a member function. Wait ~5min for parsing 377000 files (O(n^2) problem I think, we typically have 4-5000 source files + boost & Qt includes). A definition for the symbol 'xxx' could not be located

    Debugger Step Forwards/Into etc
    Stepping over even the simplest line like a = b + c; takes a considerable amount of time, 1-2seconds for an operation that should be effectively instant. Additionally there is no mechanism to skip past functions who’s prototype was included though angle brackets (#include <xxx>). Try stepping though a boost signal some time.

    Internal compile error when building on WinXP 32bit machines
    I realise that XP is really old and you are trying to let it die but this show stopper highly reproducible compiler crash has greatly slowed the deployment of VS2010 at our company.


    In closing, as a multi platform company we have some developers pushing non Visual Studio environments and it is becoming progressively harder to disagree with them. Esspecaly as Microsoft seem to be including more and more C++ features only in the more expensive tiers.