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  • Checking In: Jeff Wilcox - Writing the WP7 App Platform in C# and C++

    @Charles: There's no confusion, I just hope that one day we'll get the ability to write native code for the phone. Discussing about Silverlight on Windows CE in this context is in my opinion a step forward Smiley

  • Checking In: Jeff Wilcox - Writing the WP7 App Platform in C# and C++

    Great video. Thanks Charles for the interesting questions related to C++.

    Now that we know a native framework exists on the phone and is used for some Microsoft apps, I think a lot of developers are gonna ask you to release it.

    Android and iOS (obviously) already have excellent support for native code, now is your turn Wink



  • Arun Kishan: Inside Windows 7 - Farewell to the Windows Kernel Dispatcher Lock

    Truly amazing! Really interesting stuff, thanks Charles.

    This is fascinating to see how, with such talented people, a kernel designed more than decade ago can be enhanced to suit today's needs. This is why I love Operating System design and programming. There are such great foundations and languages to build upon but also so many improvements to do. 

  • David LeBlanc: Inside SafeInt

    Another really interesting C++ video, thank you Charles! This class is really useful and beautifully written. I'll definitely start using it from now on in my projects as it is very easy to update existing code to take advantage of the features this class provides. 

    The C++ world is decidedly full of surprises, I'm looking forward for more C/C++ videos!

    By the way, I'd love to see more videos going deep into some win32 stuff. There have been some interesting changes in these APIs during the last few years, and some new APIs will be included in Windows Seven (Web Service, Direct2D, etc.).

  • Expert to Expert: Helen Wang and Alex Moshchuk - Inside Gazelle


    This is exactly what Google Native Client is all about. An attempt to build this kind of sandbox to enable native performance without sacrificing security. I understand there might be some security concerns if the runtime is flawed (and it is clearly more difficult to sandbox native code because of things like dynamically generated code, overlapping instructions, and so forth) but isn't it the same problem with the Silverlight / Flash runtimes?


    The performance discussion is a never-ending story and I would be curious to see how some of the demos shipped with Native Client (like Xaos for instance, the fractal viewer) would behave in the Silverlight / Flash world.
    I am not saying that C++ applications should be used in the browser instead of some higher-level technologies, I am just saying that supporting this technology would clearly bring new opportunities to the developers.  

    As for the language consideration, the C/C++ pair is still the most popular today (according to http://www.tiobe.com/index.php/content/paperinfo/tpci/index.html) and there are hundreds of millions of lines of code already written in these languages...

  • Expert to Expert: Helen Wang and Alex Moshchuk - Inside Gazelle

    I agree with Erik - Running C++ code in the web browser is not such a crazy idea and I am very enthusiastic about Google Native Client! I had never heard of Xax before this interview, will have a look into this.