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  • Defrag 001: Startup Slow Downs, Can't Boot, Blue Screens, Homegroup, IE Logins

    I have a question for which I didn't find a solution so far. My PC (Windows 7 Home Premium) some times gets in a state where a keypress behaves as if you had pressed the windows key at the time pressing the key. Example: I press the letter 'E', and then the windows explorer opens because the computer acts like I had pressed Windows-E. I must terminate the state by pressing the Windows key two times in sequence.

    Maybe important to say is that I work a lot with Terminal Sessions (more than one is open at the same time) and I do very few things on my 'physical' PC itself. The environments of the terminal sessions are itself virtualized (Hyper-V). I think it has to do with these terminal sessions, but I am not sure.

    I would like to know what can be done so that this strange state never appears again. Thanks, Lorenz.