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  • Jacqueline Russell and Dan Fernandez: The Beginner Developer Learning Center Begins

    There is a video that introduces native C++:

  • Microsoft Research TechFest - Intro, DynaVis, and FastDash

    Pretty kewl stuff.

    BTW, you should deinterlace your video as a first step before doing any resizing or compressing.  Will make the text shots turn out clearer, and also any vertical motion will be more natural.

    Wish TechFest could still be going on next week since I'll be on campus.  Oh well.  But seeing these videos is the next best thing!  Looking forward to the next one in the series.

  • Anthony Tsim chats about the MSDN Virtual Labs

    Would be *so* outstanding if this were also available through VNC.  Let all the cool Linux devs out there take a quick peek at VS!

  • Jay Schmelzer - Working on the VB Core Team

    Wow, lots of great tips!  And not just stuff for VB-ers, there's some nuggets about the new devenv.exe that are equally applicable for C# and C++ folk, too.

    BTW, the interviews with code are always the best.

  • Mat Noguchi - Developer on Halo team gives tour of Bungie

    Naikrovek wrote:
    I saw an HDTV camcorder at BestBuy about a week ago ... it was a sony, it was small, handheld, and did wonderfully in low light.
    Sounds like the HC1.  I've got one, and I don't find it to be all that good in low light.  But then I've been spoiled with having a good 3-chip SD camera for the last three years.  (HD with 3X more pixels means right off the bat 3X less sensitivity for the same size sensor.)  The limitations in sensitivity means auto-focus doens't work as well indoors.

    Outdoors is a different story, and the HC1 does do an admirable job.  Great color.  So altogether it's very nice to see usable HD cameras enter the consumer market.  The 60-year reign of NTSC and PAL is finally drawing to a close.
  • Mat Noguchi - Developer on Halo team gives tour of Bungie

    DevilsRejection wrote:
    you mentioned that you have a new hd camcorder, which one?
    Whatever it is, it looks like it's a shoulder-mount.  Maybe an FX1 or even the new Canon XL H1!  (I would be very envious...)  Or maybe it's just a smaller cam on a shoulder-mounted steadicam.  But it looks good in low light, so I'm thinking it's at least an FX1.
  • Mark Boulter and Brian Pepin - Sneak peak at Cider (visual designer for Orcas, future version of Vis

    Very cool video.  And Scoble -- thanks for using a tripod during the opening interview part.  Did you get one with a fluid head?  It's nice and smooth!

    My favorite features:
    I'm familiar with today's Toolbox, so it's outstanding that Cider uses exactly the same drag and drop approach to get a general layout going.  I sat down to the Sparkle lab at PDC, and found it to be way different from what I'm used to, so very glad to see that creating XAML will be "business as usual" when Orcas ships.

    Both Cider and Sparkle can hand changes to each other, not breaking anything that the other one has done.

    Design time can be made to listen to the control's events and tweak property values in your source code on-the-fly.  Didn't know that was possible in Whidbey until now, so I'll have to update some of my WinForms controls to take advantage of that.

    By the way, you guys are getting lots of mileage out of source code layout preservation!

  • Andy Edmonds and Erik Selberg - Frank talk about MSN Search

    Hmmm, "offshoring" brings up Scoble's site as #5, even though he says "I'm no expert in offshoring."  In that respect, I hope this "neural net" thing, although intentionally obscure in its description during the video, is able to parse the language of the page itself similar to how a human would, and understand to a degree what concepts are being presented from the site.  Then rank links accordingly.  It's one thing to do as Google does and simply rank search terms higher based on how many people reference them.  That's easy, just counting references.  And then you're suceptible to people exploiting it, as with the "miserable failure" bug.  But to actually parse the thought on the page, that's hard, and that's where it will become amazing.  Just as these guys are saying, that will weed out the splogs, and offer much better specificity.

    Another powerful thing with a true AI type of neural net: when it sees the title "random thoughts", it should toss that out as a "noise concept" (for lack of a better term), and look deeper into the page for more of the meat.

    I'll close with a little bug report, an easy thing to fix: with IE6 when you bring up the Settings screen, then show the Search Builder DIV, you've got the bug with an underlying SELECT (named setlang in this case) showing up over the popup DIV:

    I had this problem on one of my pages a couple years ago.  In the file common.js if you put this in the function toggleQB(), it should take care of the issue:


    Best of luck with this groovy AI project, guys!

    -Lorin Thwaits
  • Bar Code Blitz

    When we made this video for the PDC ShowOff event we were limited to 5 minutes total.  We had actually taken lots more footage during the original filming.  So I have now put together a longer version that includes all the content and greater bandwidth so you can actually read what the code says as it flies by.  You can download it from this link:


    For those interested in the source code, it's available for download in a .ZIP from that site.  It will do both 3 of 9 and also 2 of 5 codes.

  • PDC Walkabout (Three clips)

    PJTewkesbury wrote:
    (Will) Microsoft make the PDS Sessions available as webcasts/videos etc like they did with PDC03?
    Yup, at the very least every attendee will get a copy when it's available, and those who didn't go can pay a few hundred and get the set.  Haven't heard if they'll put up a site for 6 months with the content online like last time.  I hope that happens...

  • PDC Walkabout (Three clips)

    Out of sheer luck there I am the first guy saying "Hello" to Jeff and Robert as they exited the "PDC bull pen" room and went out into the hallway.  (At 1:45 in the first video.)  I can be heard calling out, "Thanks for posting my video on Channel 9!"  That video was ScottGu's in-depth demo of ASP.NET 2.0 that I filmed which posted a couple weeks ago:


    It's very cool when some of your own stuff makes it to C9.  Looking forward to when the PDC Show Off videos come out.  There are some good ones in the mix.  I threw a couple into the ring there, one featuring two bedraggled developers who whip out a block of code to create bar codes.  Another for my friend Scott Cate which shows how he uses AJAX on his site.  I hope they're well-received when they hit.  And I also hope that not too much is lost during the recompression to make it Internet-friendly at 300kbps!

    Also cool to see the gadget guy (didn't catch his name... Dean something?) show his high def camera, the Sony HC1 at around 16:15 on the first video.  I've got one also, and I agree that WMV-HD is great for distributing HD content.  Glad that the new HD-DVD decks will directly support it.  Bought my cam in Japan back in June, the first week it was released over there.  Been a fun ride experimenting with it.

    Long live Channel 9!

  • Jesse Kaplan -- Will your .NET 1.1 apps work on 2.0 or vice versa?

    I've tried all my ASP.NET apps (15+) out on 2.0, and in about five only minor, straightforward changes were necessary to get them working.  Some that crept in from the conversion tool.  Altogether the feeling I get is, "It just works!"

    So I'm sold 100% on Whidbey.  I hope that there aren't any crazy hacks going in just to try to maintain compatibility with 1.1.  2.0 adds lots under the hood, and I actually expect some things to break.  And it's all for the better.  Now I've got generics at my disposal!  Thanks, CLR guys for that.  I know that wasn't easy.

    I've also got the better ASP.NET architecture with partial classes.  I can now revise lots of my existing code to leverage some of the new controls, and better compatibility with Netscrape and Firefox.

    Thanks for bringing us a great update!