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Jonathan Carter LostIn​Tangent
  • Content Header??

    As far as I know it's not really possible. You could use window.open instead of just setting the location.href property of the current window, which would give you the new window if the user choose Open instead of Save. But if they chose Save, the new window would still be left open, which isn't ideal.

    It's pretty standard behavior to have the downloaded content replace the current window if the user chooses Open anyways.

  • GoDaddy Upsets Millions By Neglecting DST?

    That's pretty funny. I don't get how a company of that size doesn't have some big wig advisor who is smart enough to call them idiots and make them comply with DST.

  • Table/Stored Procedure naming conventions

    I prefer the Verb-Noun syntax as well. I also prefer plural table names because it seems more consistent with the way you would name a collection or list in your code (and a table is like a collection of rows). It seems to lend itself well to keeping harmony throughout the application.

    As far as prefixes, I definitely agree with the reasoning on why they aren't neccesary. But many would argue that it's not so much the seperation of the objects that causes the need for a prefix, but the distinction in your SQL. So if you have a stored procedure that is querying a table or a view, it would be apparent. I personally don't agree with it, but its a pretty prevalent method.

  • Double-​underscore identifiers for UI elements

    I agree with your comments completely Sven. I was under the impression you had a different style due to w3bbo's comments. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  • Table/Stored Procedure naming conventions

        In line with w3bbo's thread on form control naming conventions, I'm curious as to what conventions you all follow when it comes to naming your database tables and stored procedures.

    1) Do you name your tables singluar or plural?
    2) Do you prefix your table names with anything?
    3) Do you name your stored procedures based on the table they are associated with or by the domain they reside in?
    4) What do you prefix your stored procedures with?
    5) ect.

    I've seen just about everything done, and am interested to see what some of the bigger brains of Channel9 have been doing.

  • Double-​underscore identifiers for UI elements

    First off, I hate hungarian notation (and any type of prefixing for that matter), and I only use it due to the wide acceptance of developers and because it does add to the quick access of a control. In a perfect world, the control's name should be anonymous as to its actual underlying type, so that the code-behind and presentation could be seperated, especially with products like Expression lending themselves to this type of development in Windows Forms now.

    With that said, I don't really find it to be that tedious to find controls as it is, so I wouldn't really see the need to prefix them with double-underscores.

    I think Sven's style is negating the arguments of either side. It appends a type suffix that associates the field with a specific type, and then doesn't use a prefix making it "harder" to find from code-behind.

    If anything, I might be interested in trying the double-underscore method, without using hungarian notation, which would allow you to quickly find your fields, while at the same time not associating them a specific control (i.e. __firstName, __lastName).

    I realize the anonymity is somewhat pointless since the code-behind is still coding against a specific control type, but controls that inherit from the same base class could be easily swapped without a code-change (in some cases).

    I look forward to more responses. I would love to be convinced to switch to a different style. Coding the same way for too long gets boring Wink

  • 300

    Saw it last night. It was much better than I expected. If the costume artists/correographers don't win an award it would be a tragedy.

  • New Social Networking Website

    ddewbofh wrote:
    LostInTangent wrote:A lot of my favorite bands are Swedish: Ef, Scraps of Tape, Logh, September Malevolence, Jeniferever, Sickoakes, Detektivbyran, pg.lost, Aerial, Ellis The Vaccumchild, The Radio Dept, Audrey... It truly is a beautiful country.

    Sounds like pop so it's not any bands I've heard of. I'm more into the alternative metal scene, the really weird stuff.

    They're mainly instrumental acts actually. Some of them could be considered "poppy" at times, but not pop by any means.

    Sweden is certainly home to lots of good metal acts also. I used to be big into bands like At The Gates, Meshuggah, and Dark Tranquility.

    I wasn't huge into grind, but Nasum were an amazing band.

  • New Social Networking Website

    A lot of my favorite bands are Swedish: Ef, Scraps of Tape, Logh, September Malevolence, Jeniferever, Sickoakes, Detektivbyran, pg.lost, Aerial, Ellis The Vaccumchild, The Radio Dept, Audrey... It truly is a beautiful country.

  • Articulate, Bright, and Cute--Woman In The News

    The "cute" part is questionable...