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  • The Garage Science Fair

    Cool video, love this shizzle.


    I heard Tony Stark didn't show up afterall.

  • MJPEG Decoder

    So, do out-of-browser apps have that HTTP header limitation?

  • MJPEG Decoder

    Thanks Brian, sounds like my kind of brand.

  • MJPEG Decoder

    Without recommending any manufacturer in particular, can you recommend a particular manufacturer of camera we should use for this? Wink

    ...ideally I'd need it to be waterproof and almost invisible when placed behind bathroom tiles.


  • Stephen Toub: Inside TPL Dataflow

    Hello - this is probably a big ask, but since starting a new contract the internet connection is a shocker and I'm missing out on all this fabulous information. I'm fast becoming obsolete.

    Can you run off a super lightweight mobile encoding so I can synch with my WP7 and catch up on the train home?

    Oh go on. I'll be your best friend.

  • Microsoft Campus Tours - Microsoft Research Part 3 - The Model Shop

    I'd be worried about leaving that 3D printer for too long before it begins to consider its lowly position in the world order.

    You'd get into work one morning and you'd be like, "Hey, cool, they had another 3D printer delivered". But now you got yourself a real problem as both printers are busy churning out copies of themselves every 24-hours.

    After a week out of the office you be coming back to 4,294,967,296 printers and Tom with anything but a Blank expression on his face.

  • Microsoft Campus Tours - Microsoft Research Part 2 - Manual Deskterity

    I would have liked a much shorter section on Pen and Touch and more content about the campus and the choices for the working environment. Microsoft is a beacon in this field and I'd guess that people are attracted to this series for that reason.

  • BBC iPlayer Set to Go Global

    I was watching Horizon yesterday on the laptop while cooking and was thinking how such high quality programming makes me feel proud of my citizenship, or rather it would if other people knew what the British are producing.

    Then I thought it was a shame that sharing what I'd seen via Twitter would be pointless because most of my followers are outside the UK, which made me wonder what's taking the Beeb so long to start profiting from their great content?

    Apparently nothing.

    Thanks for the news, Terry.

  • Twitter on Windows Phone 7: Hands on Demo

    There's a "show videos in HTML video tag" (words to that effect) option in the Channel9 profile page, so I assume it'll bypass the Silverlight player.

  • - Windows Azure AppFabric

    That last comment by Ron was a salient one. Would leveraging just this part of Azure invoke cost, say if we're hosting our own site?

  • Web Camps TV #2 - OData Overview with Jonathan Carter

    Dude, check out Aaron Skonnard's webcasts. They're very good quality and at a nice pace. CH9 of course...



    (maybe Jon can quickly look at the link and let us know if anything's changed since Aaron posted these videos).



  • Understandi​ng the Value of Prism (Silverlight TV #37)

    N2Cheval has raised something I've been thinking about for a while. The pace of change in both technologies, patterns and philosophies and the dogmatism behind each is reaching a critical mass where I cannot keep up.


    Generally I get one project out of a technology before it is superceded. Learning a technology is so hard. The reading involved to glean a few vital nuggets of information is a massive burden and discovering the known issues inherent in every technology is incredibly frustrating; it rinses the joy out of programming.


    To vocalise these concerns seems taboo. The other day, I announced on Twitter that I didn't have time to use Unit Tests, especially since they didn't work right out of the box in VS (no time to troubleshoot, one thing too much on my plate). I was shot down by some random sitting on a Twitter search who told me that there was something wrong with the why I work if I wasn't testing. He doesn't know me or the pressures I'm under.


    Where are these fundamentalists that are pervading programming coming from? Is it because of the evangelism movement? Does is steep too much expectation from ourselves and others?


    N2Cheval, if you don't want to use Prism, don't use it. I won't judge you.


    Thanks for listening, Luke.