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  • Office 12 - Word to PDF File Translation

    stacey: Send To didn't make the cut this time.  No idea about the CLR build.

    IRenderable: like I said, pretty minimal changes... we use a couple templated classes, but operator overloading is not an accepted practice.  Other Office teams have more fully embraced C++ (e.g. Powerpoint and IGX) with common use of smart pointers, OO code, etc.

    nektar: you will retain your text content in the PDF.  We don't convert it to a big picture.  We use several IDEs, it's just personal preference - VS, SlickEdit, Codewright, and Source Insight are common.  Source control, testing, and bug tracking are all handled with internally developed tools.

    guru: filesize is something that's been looked at closely and improved since Beta 1.  As far as quality, I'm not sure what kind of documents you're publishing, but do make use of the Beta 1 reporting tools, we look at everyone's feedback.

    Dwight: if you give me your contact info, I'll pass it on to any interested parties.
  • Office 12 - Word to PDF File Translation

    Shark: For this version there's no interactive forms support planned (although they'll show up statically in the PDF).  Ppt can do multi slides per page, there's a "handout" print option on their dialog.

    izzy: There are actually a few rare spots in assembly, but otherwise yeah, it's always been C.  We've had a decent amount of debate over how to best leverage the benefits of C++ in the product with the recent decision to switch over.

    winston: My office mate and I stay well-hydrated... that's several months' worth of cups in one Yoda-capped monolithic sculpture.

    PetKnep: go Blue!

    Glad people are looking forward to this, I think we're going to be able to deliver something good.  As an added note, we're souping up the accessibility capabilities - we can do significantly more now with structure tagging than in November, when this video was taken.