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  • Neil Enns - Why would anyone want a cell phone with a camera on it?

    As Neil Enns has stated yes 3G IS real. I had the oppurtunity to phone from UK to Italy and experience Video Call on my mobile. It was a great experience!
    I get frustrated between the bandwidth availablity between wire and wireless.

    SmartPhone has the advantage of putting down the user experience advantage that Microsoft got from the desktop to the phone but while thinking of getting my "Three"  phone I looked into using SPV. It still has some way to go. Maybe the Motorola deal could help them on their competition with the Symbian Operating System.
  • Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 - The world's most important operating system

    Dear Mr. Bill Hill,

       I can't say how much I agree with your points. Lately, I have shown interest at the points that you have brought up. Especially on writing systems.  I would highly advise visiting the British Library (King's Cross, London, UK). It doesn't provide a great deal of service to the public as a museum but it has a public display area where they exhibit important workings such as the Gutenberg Bible. 
       Also, I believe the Unicode is also an important step for the Homo Sapien product line. An effort to create a universal repository of writing systems.