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  • The Access Show: Access 2010 demo of Access Services and web databases


    I'm not agree at all with your consideration.

    Ribbon is a good feature even if you understand how to use it. I can accept that ta beginning it can be hard to set it in A2007, but you could use also many tools to semplify it.


    The problem of executability of the file is a false problem, many lenguages use the runtime and at least anyone imports if you use an exe file or a accde/mde file + runtime. You can build a good package and deploy it.

    Also the size is not a problem, if you need a database bigger than 2 GB you have to use SQL SERVER, and the integration is complete. Jet/ACE can find difficulties to transfer so heavy data, a db server can be a better choise. In this way you could have also the encryption and all the security strategy of a database server. You have to separate data from GUI, 2 GB for the FRONT END is enought.


    About 2010 the problem seems that you not understand that M$ wants build an super user, able to create an quickly solution of data manipulation. We force to use it, I'm happy to do it, as a development tool.


    M$ can help us giving other features, like a better editor of Query and solve several problem in the VBA editor, but at least Access is a amazing tool and the web feature can be very interesting (let's hope it will be bettere than DAP).


    Good work Clint and your team