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  • IE 9: Standards and ​Interoperab​ility

    Guys I even came back here today to see if you made some comment, something to quell the anger and yet nothing.


    I am 100% serious I would love for you to please just reply to some of these comments, you know connect with the people who matter.


    I will be back in a couple of days to see if again anything has changed or we should all just give up hope now

  • IE 9: Standards and ​Interoperab​ility

    I am not trying to come across as a smart a** but really I am genuinely curious.


    Do you appreciate just how much this video annoys the hell out of developers?

    Or how none of us can understand why you are still even building your own rendering engine?

    What about the fact that if average users understood this that noone would use IE at all.


    Do you ever wonder how many people would go out of their way to download IE if it wasn't the default choice for them? Probably the same amount of users who email you asking to please re-release IE for the Mac because it is such a superior browser.


    How do you get away with spending so much time claiming to "listen to developers" and then take something like Acid which clearly we all genuinely care about and then essentially ignore it.


    Have you considered that many of us out there think that this is EXACTLY the kind of thing that literally slows down the advancement of technology for years to come. What exactly are you expecting the developer reaction to this when you launch it?


    Just the fact that not one of these comments on here so far has been "wow way to go guys I am excited". Please I am begging you don't do this to everyone. I'd love for you to reply I am more than happy to discuss this in a calm and reasonable manner. Just don't let this become another joke to the rest of us though.