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  • MSN Virtual Earth Team - Virtual Earth Ships

    Great job Virtual Earth team. I am very excited to see this go online.

    I was very impressed with Steven's explanation of the "Locate me" feature. He explained it very well and this feature has got me hooked.

    At first I was a little iffy on Virtual Earth because of some of the features Google Earth has such as the 3D stuff. But after thinking about it, I don't use the 3D stuff that often.

    Why would I need to see where I'm going in 3D if all I want to do is find a route to take or find out where I am? Its not like I'm flying or hovering or anything.

    Another thing I like about Virtual Earth right from the start is the fact its web-based. Google Earth is a downloadble program. And even with Google Earth being a downloadable program, I had to wait for things to render (or turn that feature of) or maps to download. I like Virtual Earth being web-based alot more. And when it was online for a short time last night, Virtual Earth was FAST! Very sharp.

    Nice job guys!

    - Brandon