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  • Channel 9 Apps

    Great! Installing on Roku.

    Waiting for the Android version though :)

    One question, are you planning on making the source code for these apps available? It would be very cool if you did.

  • Parallels: Using Visual Studio on OSX

    Great video.

    That demo looked very smooth.  Is there a way for us to find out what are the specs on the Macbook he was using?  RAM, Processor, etc?



  • Silverlight TV 54: New Silverlight Training Series

    Thanks for the series, had been waiting for something like this for a while.

    One thing I would love to see in trainings like this is an offline version with the videos in it. I downloaded the offline version and was dissapointed to have to watch the videos online.

    Sometimes it's just easier to download a big file and then be able to watch the videos while away from an internet connection.