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  • Countdown to TechEd: All About ​Schedule​Builder

    Rickster & Joey Snow,


    Thank you guys for this show.  As each week passes I am starting to feel like I might actually be prepared to attend.  I am taking your advice and looking at some of the things the speakers have done in the past.  I have setup my schedule and with must sees and might make its.  There are some sessions I am interested in but are not really my cup of tea.  The level of the class is helping me make those decisions.  

    Thanks again for the info and I look forward to the Next NooB Newscast!



  • The Microsoft TechEd 2013 bag is revealed…and once again, it’s super-green.

    Hello all.  I am a total TechEd NooB.  I registered early to save the $300 bucks and will be attending the pre-con.  Any TechEd advice or recommendations would be welcome. 

    Looks like a sweet bag, I wonder if I can get it early?