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Maddus Mattus Maddus Mattus Maddus on C9, Is often ​controversi​al, But fun ​none-the-​less -​evildictait​or
  • Crown Capital Earth Management Fraud Warriors: Earth Hour

    @PaoloM:  I know! It's ridiculous right? However, that's exactly what they claim.

    Look at the previous graph I posted, that is the representation of all the 'known' radiation flows by;


    That's not what's happening. The infrared radiation is scattered and deflected IN ALL DIRECTIONS by CO2 molecules. If there were less CO2 molecules, less heat would be deflected back to the surface, and more heat would escape the gravity well.

    Yes all directions, except it's origin,.. That's what the trifle with the second law is about,..

  • Crown Capital Earth Management Fraud Warriors: Earth Hour

    @Sven Groot:

    Now I'm confused,.

    The whole greenhouse theory rests on the fact that they believe that the earth emits longwave radiation, CO2 absorbs this and sends it back to the planet, where it gets reabsorbed and reemitted, this is the theory of the greenhouse effect.

    That's what the graph I posted above and on the previous page clearly shows. Bouncing around longwave radiation.

    If you now conclude that this isn't the case, then we are in agreement!

  • Crown Capital Earth Management Fraud Warriors: Earth Hour

    @Sven Groot:

    I would like to add a challenge to you.

    Show me one experiment or natural phenomenon where photons (or electrons) get absorbed by the emitter, without additional work performed (or external powersource).

  • Crown Capital Earth Management Fraud Warriors: Earth Hour

    @Sven Groot:

    Then let's begin by what you define to be the greenhouse theory, as there are several versions.

    I'm talking about this model;

    Where longwave radiation is bounced between the atmosphere and the surface (shown in the graph on the right hand side). The problem I have with this model, is the "Back Radiation".

    If you have an other interpretation/explanation of the greenhouse effect, please share.

  • Prince Rupert's Drop

    I sometimes feel like a Prince Ruperts Drop Smiley

  • Crown Capital Earth Management Fraud Warriors: Earth Hour


    That would be interesting indeed. But I'm not really interested in climate science. What I'm interested in, is what government does with climate science as a legitimacy.

    When my energy bill got raised by 50% to help save the planet, I started reading about the science that is supposed to justify this raise. The internet being the main source of information. I thought it was a dubious story, but I had no reason to distrust them. Then when additional levies got raised in order to save the planet, I started to look into the policy effects of the redistribution of these resources and meanwhile found opposing voices to the science.

    What I found, really shocked me. I found the science lacking and I found that the policies have a negative effect on the wellbeing of people. This single issue has changed my whole attitude towards science and towards government, it was a real eye opener for me.

    I just hope that on this forum, with a lot of intelligent people and many of you I consider my peers, come to see that the emperor has no clothes.


    Small note I would like to make, I do not doubt that our climate is changing. I doubt that CO2 emissions drive these changes. And I doubt that lowering our CO2 emissions is the right way to reverse these changes, I would much rather spend the resources on climate change adaption.

  • Erik Meijer is leaving MS

    , evildictait​or wrote


    Just because Maddus is wrong on climate change, doesn't mean he wouldn't be a good employee at Microsoft. Lack of a PhD might be obstructive to getting a job in MSR though.



    Thanks, appreciate it Smiley

  • Crown Capital Earth Management Fraud Warriors: Earth Hour

    @Sven Groot: Thought we might end up discussing the validity of the papers, but that would be moving the goalposts.

    I've presented my case, it's time to draw conclusions,.

    So either you are a believer in the greenhouse theory that states that bouncing radiation between the atmosphere and the surface is responsible for warming, leading to a runaway greenhouse effect. That CO2 is the main driver behind this effect and we should at considerable expense (human lives) limit the emissions of this gas.

    Or you are a believer that gravity and the sun is what determines the temperature and the climate here on earth and that we are just along for the ride.

  • Crown Capital Earth Management Fraud Warriors: Earth Hour


    Move goalposts much?

    These are not peer reviewed articles, but blog posts.

    If you want to rebuttle the idea that mass is responsible for climate change, you have to do it in a peer reviewed journal.

    Until then, this is the best model we have. In order to invalidate it, you will have to come up with a better alternative.

  • Erik Meijer is leaving MS

    @blowdart: climate is just a hobby, my real interest is trying take over the world,..